Monday, February 19, 2007

Saw III - the movie

My DH & I have been married 7 years. He has no idea at all that I SI. We watched Saw III over the weekend, and he was baffled at what the girl was doing. The character's flashbacks made it clear she had SI-ed and then you see her pull out all her instruments, then decide to grab a knife and cut her leg instead - you can see the scars on her leg from prior incidents. Then later she grabs something sharp in her palm and squeezes and you see blood dripping. DH was totally confused. He said "what is she doing?" I said "she is self-harming, self-injuring." He had no idea what that was and wanted to know "why the hell would anyone do that?" I explained that some people do it to escape the pain or the numbness of life, but there were lots of reasons. He said "well that's just crazy." Hmm -- think I'll tell him about my pinning anytime soon? Nope.

On that front, today is 1 week since my last pinning incident (said in my best confessional voice as this feels a bit like a 12-step confession). But my doctor visits are now over. We'll see what happens.

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Tina said...

It is amazing what people will say when they don't realize how close to home some things can be.

Although I wish your DH's comment about the SI would have been a little more sympathetic, I can understand him wondering what SI is and how people can do it. His comments won't become calmer and understanding unless he knows what you are doing to ease your pain - and you are not ready to tell him.

I hope you can take the one week of not doing this to yourself and continue on that path.