Friday, March 9, 2007

Piano Man

I don't post often, or even think often, about my bio dad. (I'll call him TE). He and my mom separated the summer before I started 6th grade. Considering the year it happened, he had extremely liberal visitation. Every Tuesday and Thursday evenings and altnernating weekends. And actually he was really good about exercising it, even when Mom moved us 45 minutes away from him. Eventually we moved back closer and he purchased a house which made visits easier.
TE started dating again pretty quickly. He needed someone to take care of him. He really had no idea how to be responsible for kids - he wanted to treat us like we were mini-adults. I am sitting her listening to "oldies" on the radio and Billy Joel's song "Piano Man" just came on. I can't hear that song without thinking of my dad. He used to take us to this bar on his weekends. It was a restaurant actually with a bar. It was called Pier something. We would sit at the bar with him. He'd drink and order us Shirley Temples. We thought we were so cool sitting at the bar. There was a piano player who would flirt with us. I thought he was cute (old enough to be my father though). He used to play Piano Man for me every time I was there.
Somehow I thought that being 11 and sitting at the bar with my dad pretending to drink was a cool thing to do. Looking back it just makes me sad. Sad because I always thought of it as a the "good times"

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Tina said...

Considering what other memories you had, I am not surpised you considered these "good times."

I wish you had better memories of things in your childhood....maybe you do, but they are just overshadowed by the hauntings you need to get through.