Tuesday, April 3, 2007

AGH - She is Here

Mom is here. I'm panicking. Taking xanax as often as possible. Chugging Schmirnoff with my sister in the kitchen when we can. Pinning in the bathroom when it gets real bad. Not the best coping mechanisms but I'm surviving.

Mom and I did end up alone in the same room for about 5 minutes when DH and Sister were putting the kids in bed. I look over and she has tears in her eyes. I just ignored her - just like she ignored my email. Not sure if that was childish or smart - I don't care.

About 18 hours until she is gone.......

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Tina said...

I am so sorry you and your sister are not dealing with her as well as you had hoped, but you both sound like you are doing the best you can.

Maybe your reaction was not 100% "grown-up," but it sounds like maybe you got your point across loud and clear on how seriously her actions have hurt you and your sister. I hope that was why she had tears in her eyes...not for herself, but for the pain she has caused all of you.

Hang in there - not much longer now!