Monday, April 2, 2007

I Need a Nap

My sister and all of her crew are in. It's been fun but crazy. The kids aren't napping but the adults really want a nap. The kids are going to bed at 7 though which is good. Although the rest of us adults are ready for bed soon after. We've flown kites, assembled a jungle gym for my daughter, gone to the park, played duck duck goose and kickball. Lots of fun. Eaten a ton of junk food too.
My sister and husband love to joke around and are having great times cutting up and laughing. They have a different sense of humor than me though - lots of triggering things. My sister's method of coping is sarcasm and joking which is definately not me. I fake it well though. My coping mechanisms may not be good or the best, but they work and I'm hanging in there.
Mom comes tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and praying for the best.

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Tina said...

Will be thinking of you today as your mom arrives... Interesting about how your sister copes with things - my DH uses jokes and sarcasm too. And, it can sometimes set me off. I hope you can be honest with her that it affects you that way...maybe she and you can come to a balancing point with coping and healing.

Post when you need to - we are here for you.