Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In the Mirror ------- poem

I've not written any poetry in a LONG time. So this is my first attempt in years. Well, other than the one I posted on my blog in February (I think?). It's a bit too rhyme-y (is that a word?) for me, but thought I'd share anyway. I'm open to constructive criticism if anyone has any!

These things aren’t a surprise.
Big nose, small chin
let me take a look again.
The parts are there
All in their place
but I feel no connection
with that face.

The eyes are empty
The sockets dead
The head is droopy
Heavy, like lead.
Lips turn down
Eyelids drop
Mouth is a frown.

Who is that person that I see?
I don’t recognize that person as me.

1 comment:

jewellybeano said...

I think you did very good. I had a strong bought with depersonalization about 18 months ago, and this was exactly how I felt looking in the mirror.