Friday, April 27, 2007

Interview with Lynn at Spilling Ink

I've talked about Lynn at Spilling Ink - . I took her up on her interview offer/challenge. Here are her questions and my responses. If you'd like to get in on this blog interview circle, post a comment (more about that below).

1. Do you have a 'thing' for shoes? What type(s) of shoes do you most like wearing?
OMG yes. My husband can't understand why I could possibly need so many shoes. Thing is, I hate wearing shoes. But if I have to wear them, then by golly, they will be cute. I love sandals the most - ones I can kick off under my desk. I currently own 2 pairs of sneakers, 4 pairs of boots (high and ankle high in brown and black), high heels in black, brown, beige and blue and in each color I have open toed and close toed; sandals - in high heels and low heels, and in multi colors; and at least 6 pairs of flip flops.

2. What is your favorite memory from early childhood that makes you happy?
Going to the lake in the summer. I once spent an entire summer at the lake with my Nana and other relatives. It was supposed to be "punishment" - being sent away from my mom for the summer. But it was the best summer of my life. My 'safe place' that I escape to in my mind is lying on a raft in the middle of the lake with the sun beating down on me and the waves gently rocking me.

3. Do you watch television? If yes, what are your favorite shows?
I don't watch much TV but I do enjoy Survivor and Lost.

4. What is your favorite hot drink and when do you like to have it?
Coffee - any time day or night. Especially the flavored ones like caramel machiatto and white chocolate mocha. I also like hot chocolate with a ton of whipped cream and marshmallows

5. If you could have a special afternoon all to yourself and your only job was to do whatever you could to fill it with peace, happiness and tranquility, where would you want to be for that time and what would you do?
See #2 - I'd want to be on a huge floating raft in the middle of my lake, lying on my back with the sun beating down on me and waves rocking me, reading a really good book and napping.

Anyone who would like to be interviewed, let me know in comments. The rules are that I get to pick the questions and that you must offer to interview others on the same terms.


Lynn said...

Oh, Enola! I LOVE boots. I really like clogs, too. I so enjoyed reading about the lake. It's nice to have a good memory like that in times of trouble. I rarely watch TV, but I do record Lost. I need to get caught up on that show.

So cool of you to play the Meme game. It was fun to read. Thanks, Enola.

onaclearday said...

I love reading interviews such as this. It is a wonderful way of getting to know someone. If I knew you better (or at all) I'd say do me!!

Anyway, great reading.

Enola said...

onaclearday - that's the point. To get to know people. So if you're game, email me and I'll send you the interview questions (