Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update after OB/GYN Appt

Had my ob/gyn appt today. I was SO nervous. When I was in there last year, it was for my annual exam and because DH & I really wanted to ttc #2. Then I started counseling, on meds, dealing with stuff - and ttc took a back seat.

So appt is today. I get there 15 minutes early - take a xanax on the way over. Get there to learn that my computer which didn't update automatically for DST changed the appt time when I manually corrected it - I was 1 hour early. So went back to the office and then returned. Very anxious by this point.

I have always tried to use female gyn docs. When we moved here, I saw the nurse practitioner (female). Well, when I got pregnant, I tried to push for a midwife (females) but DH really wanted a doctor so we went that route. So I had to see all the doctors in the practice - primarily male. It was okay - most of the time DH was with me. And it was about the pregnancy so it was okay. Last year I made an appt and because there were ttc issues, they gave me a choice of 2 doctors (both male) who dealt more with those questions. So this year I saw the one I saw last year.

He's one of the older doctors there - in his late 40s/early 50s. But compared to some of the docs in that practice in their 30s he's older - LOL. Much preferable than the other doc who specializes in ttc issues who is mid-30s probably. So anyway, he's checking my heart, nose, etc. so of course he is standing right up next to me. I can feel his stomach against my legs and he leans forward to look in my ears. AGH. Then he moves behind me to check my lungs (he did tell me what he was doing before he did anything - thank goodness). I had to take deep breaths. I gritted my teeth and my jaw through the rest and just started at the ceiling (at least in MY doc office they put in nice skylights with pretty butterfly pictures - LOL). He tells me to get dressed and we'll talk in his office - one thing I love about this practice is that they do the exam, then let you get dressed and then talk to you - so you're not sitting there naked talking to them.

The meds I'm on are fine for ttc. Yeah. He was concerned my cycles were a bit on the heavy side. And that I'm still (1 year after weaning) lactating. So he ran a thyroid panel and some hormone test. He wants me to chart my cycles (he knew I had done that before) and told me what to look for. If I see anything I'm not supposed to, or don't see what I am supposed too, then I'm to call back after 3 months. Once DH & I (well really me) decide to actively ttc, then we're to try 3 months and then call if no success.

Of course, DH is super anxious to start ttc - but that is only because he's wanting to start the "trying" part - anything to get through this "imposed-hiatus" I have us on. So I should hear about the tests in 2-3 days, and the pap in 2 weeks. Doc is also writing a letter to my counselor and to my regular doc so they can jointly decide whether to alter my meds or not.

So now the big question is (1) am I ready for another baby; (2) with DH; and (3) ready to start having sex, which of course, is required to ttc........??????????????

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