Friday, May 11, 2007

Mothers Day

(two posts in one day - must be pain meds induced - LOL)

I've been home all day recovering from surgery. Day time TV leaves a lot to be desired. And of course, today being the Friday before Mother's Day, everyone is having Mother's Day specials. Bleh. Even the news and radio are all having "win a special present for your special mom." Bleh. It was really getting on my nerves.

I decided to venture out of the house this afternoon as far as the mailbox. I opened it to find a card addressed to me. It was from my Mother-in-law wishing me a Happy Mother's Day and contained a check for me. I may be in the running for the worst bio mom, but I sure hit the jackpot for mother-in-laws.

My mother-in-law (MIL) is the sweetest woman ever. Her oldest son (husband's oldest brother) is autistic and still lives at home. MIL and FIL were told to institutionalize him - that's back when autism wasn't really understood. They refused and have raised him up the best they know how. They consider him a blessing in their lives - he still lives at home with them.

When I went away to law school, I had a moment where I regretted it. MIL invited me to come back that weekend and stay with them. I did. Every single weekend thereafter, I would come to their house and stay. They welcomed me with open arms.

MIL has adopted my sister as well. She has only met my sister once in person. Yet she sends her cards for every holiday and buys my niece and nephews Christmas presents. MIL was helpful in every aspect of the wedding planning, showers for my wedding and my birth. She was the one who stayed with me a week to help after I gave birth. When my husband tore his meniscus (knee muscle), she used her weeks vacation to come stay and help out. She and FIL have babysat our dog countless times, and never fail to offer to help with caring for our daughter. When my daughter had tubes put in her ears, I'm not sure that she wasn't more concerned than me. When I had my slip and fall accident, she dropped everything and rushed up here to be with my daughter so my husband could come be with me.

MIL is taking off next week to come to my daughter's dance recital. She came up two weeks ago to see daughter's performance at church. She works in a grocery store in a tiny town. Everyone in town knows my daughter because MIL has a little brag book she shows off to all the shoppers.

MIL has remarked that one regret is that they didn't try for a third child (they decided not to after finding out BIL had autism). She always wanted a daughter. But then she told me that it's okay because now she has me. I love my mother-in-law. Maybe if I'd had the perfect mom, my MIL would have felt smothering or I wouldn't have been so appreciative of what she does. Really, though, she is the best - mother figure to me and grandmother to my daughter.

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Tina said...

I love my mom dearly - yet, I am blessed to have a MIL I hold as dear as you hold yours.

I am glad you have her in your life... And, now that I read this post, I can now see why your DH has his need to be babied a bid - it must be very hard to have a sibling with special needs, in a time when it wasn't understood. Could you confide in her a bit about some of the issues you have with DH? My relationship with my IL's is so good, I can do that.