Friday, May 4, 2007

Damnittoallhell- 3rd post of the day

DAMNITTOALLHELL. The new asst that was supposed to start on Monday, just received an "irresistible offer" from her current employer. It is 2:45 here on Friday. She just called to say she isn't coming. Never mind that I spent all day yesterday cleaning out her office; that our office mgr spent hours preparing her paperwork; that our computer tech spent hours getting the computer set up; or that I dictated several things for her to start on. Never mind that our part time typist just left so now I am going to have to type up all the stuff I dictated. AGH. I HATE THIS. I can not function like this much longer. Back to the damn interview drawing board.

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Tina said...

I am so sorry she finked out on you...

But, I must confess, I did that once - and it was (at that point) a mistake! The job I took was aweful - although it lead me back to the one I have now (and had before it).

Hope you find someone soon!