Monday, May 21, 2007

Technical help needed - Blog etiquette

I thought this deserved its own thread. I have a few questions and am hoping some faithful (or passerbys) can help. What is proper etiquette with blogging?

- If I link to someone's blog, do I have to ask first or even let them know?
- What if I add someone's blog to my "Frequently visited blogs" link?
- How do I make the pretty names come up? For instance when I add a link in my blog, it comes out like this instead of My Attempt at Adding Link - in other words, the link pops up instead of the name.

Help please!


jewellybeano said...

I think you should ask before adding to the blogroll, but it seems if you are just linking in a thread it would be ok to go ahead and do it, since that is just redirecting.

I don't know how to tell you how to do the other since you are on blogger and not wordpress.

Tina said...

In some cases (specifically, if someone wants to remain anonymous like you do), you should ask. For me, I say link away - but, my circumstances are very different.

For linking, when you type the text our that you want to link a web page to, block the text and then hit the link button on the navigation toolbar (it is located near the bold, italic and underline options) in Compose Mode (not Edit HTML - although, you can do it there too). When you do that, a smaller window will appear where you put the URL). Let me know if you have any quesitons (I am going by memory here!).

Enola said...

Yeah, thanks ladies. I got it to work. COOL BEANS !!