Thursday, May 3, 2007


My head has been found and has reattached itself. It is still loopy and keeps bobbing all around, but that is okay. I went to the jaw surgeon and either there is an infection or the screws are loose and triggering some nerve pain. So I'm on antibiotics. And some pain meds. If I'm better by my ortho appt on Monday, we'll know it was an infection. Given that this is day 3 of antibiotics and I'm still popping pain pills every 4 hours, I'm beginning to doubt it was an infection. On Monday, the ortho will determine if we need the screws in place any more. If no, then they come out quickly. If yes, then the jaw surgeon will see if he can tighten them (probably not) or he'll have to remove and replace them (ouch).

Have you seen the cell phone commercials where the person is surrounded by "their people"? That's me. Surrounded by teams of doctors. With my jaw, I have the jaw surgeon and his partner, my orthodontist and his partner, my TMJ doctor, and my dentist. Oh and some consulting by the School of Dentistry. With my panic/anxiety, I have my counselor, my primary care physician, my ob/gyn and the doctor my counselor is consulting with that I've never met. I should feel in good hands, right? I feel overwhelmed a bit. It's nice having all these people interested in helping. But I do wish they'd all get on the same page with answers. Course, what should I expect? It's not as if I gathered more than 2 attorneys in a room I'd get a single answer. Why should I expect more from any other profession? I guess now I have more respect for the position my clients are in when I give them all their options and say "PICK ONE" and they look at me and say "help, you pick one for me!"

I'm too loopy to come up with some profound post for the day. But for a general update, I'll stick with life is good. Daughter is all better. Hubbie and I have not gotten it. Husband is awesome - has totally chipped in and is carrying far more than his fair share of household,etc burden. New medication is still doing a great job of keeping panic away. Settled/continued my trial so I have all day to catch up. New assistant starts Monday. And I have no big plans for the weekend, so I can relax and enjoy things. Overall - life is good.

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Jewellybeano said...

Sounds like things are coming together and your world is looking a little better. Have a great weekend!

Today I had one of those days! I kept thinking about your previous post, the one with all the explatives. All day two words were going through my head "F*** It, Just F*** it". It actually really helped me to have those words in my head.