Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Watch out for Rolling Head

WATCH OUT for the rolling head. It's mine. You can keep it for now. When I was growing up my mom would get headaches and say "I wish I could just cut my head off and put it to bed." I thought it was a funny saying at the time. Today I understand completely what she means.

I have an infection in my jaw/mouth. I'm sure it's from the procedure they did last Wednesday. I've felt this pain once before following my wisdom teeth being removed. It is pure agony. Labor was easier (and the drugs were better). I scrounged and found all the leftover pain meds from when the inserted the jaw anchor screws. Took two last night, plus a xanax, and was finally able to sleep. I saved the other one for today - after I drove myself to work. I called the doctor this morning and the kind nurse that answered the phone said "sure thing we'll get you in first thing tomorrow." I told her to get me in today or I was calling the orthodontist, and if he couldn't see me, then calling the dentist, and if he couldn't see me, going to the ER, and if they couldn't see me, hitting the street corner for some drug to make this stop. I think she got the point, because she put me on hold and called the doctor at home. He is in an office in another town (I offered to drive there) and is having his partner see me at 1:30 today.

So 4 hours to go. I'm at work because I have a trial tomorrow. I have never ever cancelled a trial for an illness in the 7 years I've been practicing. But it may happen this week.

On the positive side - NO Panic attacks. Even with all this pain and stress. Which is totally phenomenal. I did take a xanax last night, but only because the pain meds weren't making me sleepy enough and I needed to get some sleep.

So, back to my head -- if you see it rolling by, just keep it until 1:30 when I need it to go to this appointment.


Tina said...

Gook luck today at the appointment - hope you are feeling better very soon!

KWYM about the head rolling... I often feel that way when I get a bad migraine!

Lynn said...

I hope your appointment went well. Dental complications are the pits!