Saturday, June 16, 2007

O what a Beautiful Morning..........

The window blinds are open as is the front door. Light fills the house. I can hear the birds chirping and my dog happily knawing at her bone. I've got all the windows open and a light breeze is blowing through. I can hear the wind chimes dancing in the breeze. I taste the strong delicious coffee I've made and I feel so relaxed and peaceful. It's amazing how twelve (yes I said 12) hours of sleep changes your perspective on things.

I'm deliberately ignoring the load of laundry in the wash, the dirt on the carpet, the fact that the weather says it will be 86 and I will need to shut the windows up and turn the air back on, the fact that my twelve hours of sleep is due to two xanax, and the huge packing project in the garage. For now, life is good.

Father's Day and Mother's Day are weekend long events at our house, starting on Friday evening. So yesterday, my Dear Husband (DH) went to daycare to have snack with our Dear Daughter (DD). He brought her home and I met them here after work. We went out to eat at a restaurant of DH's choosing. The meal was good. DD's throwing a huge fit was not so good. On the drive home as we loudly talked across DD's screaming and tried to ignore her, we realized that after a LONG week of Vacation Bible School and being up at least 1 hour past normal bedtime, that DD was entitled to be cranky. When we got home, we decided to let it all loose and play. Ignore the housework. So we roughhoused on the bed, tickled each other and played keep away with the new light-up ball DD had found. It was fun.

At 7 we decided to make up for lost sleep and put DD to bed early. Read her six books, including my favorite, "Snug in Mama's arms" and put her in bed. I went into our bedroom and DH was having his quiet time. So I picked up my devotion, made myself comfy and began to read. There is something comforting about praying in the same room as someone else. DH, who is much more "connected" to God than I am of late, was still praying when I finished. I just laid in bed and watched him. I felt a bit guilty observing his personal devotion time, but there is something special about watching him pray. He is so relaxed. I can feel that he is totally in tune with God. As I watched him, I realized just how fortunate I am to have such a husband. I know that I love my husband, but it's not common that I really, really, really feel it. I felt the love last night.

When DH finished praying, we both just laid on the bed and started talking. Now that's been a rare event in my house of late. I was sleepy and we both dozed off and on. But it was a comfortable silence, even if it was interrupted by DD needing things in the other room. DH & I were connected in our common goal of relaxing, chatting and making sure DD went to sleep. It reminded me of her infant years when we would both lie in bed, afraid to move or talk above a whisper, for fear of waking her up.

(TMI alert) I'll spare you the details (ha) but let's just say a 2 month hiatus was broken last night. I could say that it was the obligatory Father's Day thing, but that isn't exactly true. I had wondered if the subject would come up given the holiday but MUCH to DH's credit, it did not. And he has not been pushy or suggestive at all in many weeks. I did have to work pretty hard at times to stay in the "here and now." But it was nice. I did start to panic after when DH wanted to talk about things. He wanted to know if I had discussed "our intimacy issues in therapy." Uh no - I don't talk about that stuff, thank you very much.

Anyway, took 2 xanax - I knew I needed to get to sleep before the triggering feelings really kicked in. I slept from 9:30 last night until 9:30 this morning. A good solid sleep too. I laid in bed for another hour, did my Bible reading in bed, and finally got up. I don't think I've slept twelve hours straight since I was a teenager!

I actually chatted with my mother on IM this morning. I was feeling so good I decided to give it a shot. It was a nice conversation actually. We chit chatted about DD mostly. And even talked about maybe meeting 1/2 between our houses one Saturday morning for a few hours.

I've got a "date" with a wonderful girlfriend, George Clooney and movie theater popcorn at 4. We're going to see Ocean's 13. Now, Brad Pitt doesn't really do anything for me. But I've always thought George Clooney was really good looking. And movie theater popcorn with loads of butter is just awesome (yes, I know I'm not supposed to have it with braces, but oh well). I think we might even go out to dinner after - just us girls. DH will be home late tonight with DD - they are at his parent's because DH took his dad out to play golf.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get up early and hit Krispy Kreme. DH loves glazed donuts. Then we'll have church. After church, DH wants to take the dog hiking. Not sure yet if he wants to go alone or as a family. If it is really going to be 93 degrees, I hope he wants to go alone. Tomorrow night is the Vacation Bible school pool party. DH wanted out of attendance but I asked him to go. I hope he will. I know it's Father's Day and he would rather do his own thing, but I'm not so sure about getting in a pool with church members. I do have a skirted bathing suit, but still.......

Anyway, I'm going to sit here a few more moments with my coffee and relax. Then I guess I'll get some lunch (what happened to breakfast time? Oh yeah, I slept through that!) and at least switch the laundry.


Lynn said...

Good sleep is a marvelous thing!!

jewellybeano said...

Ha ha, I'm glad to hear about your "hiatas" being over. That's a good sign.
What a neat story about you just watching him praying. He sounds like an awesome person.
Sounds like you had a fun weekend, and for you, that is huge. I know how yu struggle on weekends.

Beauty said...

Movie theater popcorn, with extra butter, is the best!