Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TAG - I'm it - You're It

Yeah - It's my first game of online tag. I got tagged by Rindy. It's a great way to get to know others, and to explore blogs you might not otherwise go visit.

This is how it works. I write 5 things I dig about Jesus, tag 5 people, and they write, then tag 5 more. If you haven’t been tagged, join right in and leave your five in the comments…let’s see what you can come up with -

My five things: (as an aside, I am struggling with my faith right now and this was a great reminder of WHY I need to keep struggling and fighting - because I do "dig" Jesus and want a greater connection with Him)

1. He has totally changed the way I live life (trust me, there is a definite clear line between before Christ and after Christ in my life).
2. He understands me and knows what I mean even when the words don't come out right (as they so often don't).
3. He knows all about me, everything - and still loves me (that's truly amazing).
4. I "dig" the fact that He died for people as unworthy as me - when He, Himself is perfect in every way.
5. I love the fact that He is so forgiving - and gives me second chances (and third, and fourth and fifth..........).

The five people I tag:

So why do YOU dig Jesus?


Darren said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by D-PLUM! Come back often!!

Hope you weren't offended by the "cheesy" comment... Rindy's great!! :-)

Enola said...

Darren - no offense. We're all a little cheesy sometimes :)

jumpinginpuddles said...

thankyou for the tag we have done it but we ahve added a story first ok :)

Lynn said...

Thank you, Enola. Good meme. Jip did a good one, too. Mine is up now.

Susie said...

I dig the same things you do, too. Thanks for stopping by :)