Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back from Beach - General Update

Back from the beach. We left Friday and dropped dog at in-laws and came back today (sat). So there for 1 week. It was just long enough. Long enough to feel well rested and ready to come home, but not so long that we go bored down there. Had 1 storm the night we arrived, but otherwise awesome weather.

I enjoyed relaxing on the beach and getting tan. Daughter was so well-behaved. An absolute angel with the schedule shifts, eating at odd hours and everything. She wasn't thrilled about the ocean waves but played some in the water. Enjoyed building sandcastles, the nightly ice cream cones, and the pool.

I did bring the "pretty purple case" but it stayed in the dresser drawer. So I am officially 19 days SI free. On one of the first days down there, I was sorting through my purse and trying to just take what I needed in my beach bag. I found my "contract" where I agreed only to SI after taking certain steps to avoid it. And to leave the razors in my home bathroom and only cut there. So since I'm a huge believer in keeping my word, I resisted. It was difficult though.

I made a dumb decision. I hated the lexapro I was on. Was making me hungry (ravenous) all the time and I had gained 30 pounds on it. So I called the doc and he agreed to switch me to prozac. Plus prozac is "supposed" to be safe if I ever decide to go for baby #2. I called to ask about switching and scheduled an appt this week (after vacation). I hoped the doc would go ahead and call in the switch and he did. I was grateful at the time not to have to try to get in before leaving, and thought a week on the beach would be a fine place to adjust. Really I didn't expect any problems adjusting since the zoloft-lexapro switch earlier had been so easy. On the other hand, I received no instructions about switching or what to expect. So I just did it. What a mistake. Sometimes I doubt I need meds at all. Then I do something like this and I realize just how crazy I am. I'll spare you the list of everything, but my head lolls around and occasionally falls backward against the chair, I get very dizzy easily, zone off, twitch easily and have incredible urges to jump off high buildings (like the top floor of my sister's hotel). Talked to both T and doc's office with differing opinions. So in the end, I dealt with it by putting on the happy face and not ruining everyone else's vacation. Liberal with the xanax. And a doc appt on Tuesday. I think the prozac will be okay - I just need a higher dose. Until then I just try to minimize the twitching and head lolling. The zoning out I can get away with fairly easily - at least for a bit.

Celebrated my husband's birthday and our 8th wedding anniversary on vacation. By the way, men expect certain favors on special dates and if they don't get them, terrible fights can result. Who knew? But hey, if you can find a twitching crazy woman attractive ?!?!?!

Anyway, all cynicism aside, I had a good time. I feel caught up mostly on sleep. Spent a ton of good time with family and my daughter. Got to talk some with husband and spend time together outside of our normal household chores. Oh and we returned home to find out that we have a very interested buyer in our house. Add looking for a new house to my list for tomorrow, along with wading through emails, running by work, catching up on 6 loads of laundry and housecleaning. For me, it's back to life and back to reality!!!

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Lynn said...

Welcome home, Enola. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your vacation. That's great news about the house!