Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Crap Bubbles Over

I don't make much sense lately so this post probably won't either. I woke up still crazy and twitchy but with pink eye (I think). So now I'm the crazy, twitchy, zoned out lady, with pink eyes! I opted not to volunteer to keep children's church today - wouldn't want to give any kids nightmares.

Came into office to wade through email, mail and get ready for hearings tomorrow. Only two (only??) two cases totally fell apart. Another one had some good news. One ratbaztard finally decided to plead guilty to felony child abuse for his rape of a then-15 year old. I represent ratbaztard's now-ex-wife (ratbaztard raped her sister) and will be preparing to file for emergency custody of their young child. You would think that being indicted for rape would have been enough to deny him custody, but apparently not. Some despicable attorneys who shall remain nameless throw out false child abuse/rape charges in custody cases often enough that our judges have become cynical of any ongoing custody battle that has "new" abuse charges pop up. Unfortunately, it is only after separation that some children feel safe enough to disclose the abuse. So it's a catch-22 situation. They finally feel safe enough to disclose the abuse, but the timing being right as a custody battle ensues, the judges sometimes see it as a ploy to get an advantage in court (and to some, less than ethical attorneys, it is used as such). At least in this case, the ratbaztard had some semblance of humanity left and is accepting a guilty plea. Either that or maybe he finally became scared enough of what would happen when trial arrived in a month and he went to jail. Or maybe we wore him down after three years of fighting.

I'm still a PITA for deciding to switch meds right around vacation (according to my husband). Oh, and for the fact that somehow I expect hubby to realize vacation is over and he needs to get off his butt and help out with the house cleaning for our showing (the one that might sell the house) on Monday. And yes, I do need to go into the office on a Sunday. Yes, that does require you taking Daughter home and getting her lunch. And yes, I am ticked that you want to avoid a Sunday school gathering scheduled for next week while I'm out of town because you can't possibly enjoy hanging out with the guys and watching daughter at the same time (can't exactly dump her on me all night if I'm not there). So instead you'll run back to your mommy and daddy and let them watch her so you can do hunting stuff AGAIN. So let's see, we saw them three weekends ago, this past weekend, you'll be there this upcoming weekend, then the next weekend, then the one after that. Hmm..........yes I do see a pattern. Course I think he's still pissed off that I informed him to NEVER expect sex on any certain dates. Hey, if the man expects me to read his mind, know when he might possibly want it, then inform him in advance not to get his hopes up --- I figure I'll just cover my bases for eternity. HAH! He still thinks it is all my problem and that I ought to talk to my T about it - as if there aren't a million other issues I'm dealing with. But this is the THE most important one to him, so I'll just have to drop all others and address this. I think I'll get a "escape pass" though because I left it up to him to make the arrangements and set the appt. I have strong doubts that will ever happen. That is if I keep my mouth shut and don't tell him that I would be quite happy never to have sex again (oops, did I really say that out loud?)

My cynical side is coming out. It's not a nice side of me. Can be pretty mean with a sarcastic and biting sense of humor. Great for dictating all those mean, nasty letters at work. Not so good in my personal life. I'll try not to bite too many heads off though.


jewellybeano said...

Welcome back, Your blog has been a lonely while you were gone. Congrats on your SI free days! Yeah :)

Lynn said...

Sometimes I think I don't ever want to have sex again, either. I told my husband that once. He said he would still love me.