Sunday, July 22, 2007

NOTE - Do Not Try this At Home

NOTE TO SELF - do not go get your hair cut when you are off-kilter on meds and in a foul mood. You will go into the salon intending to have the dead ends from the beach cut off. You will then ask about covering your roots - the ones you attempted to cover yourself but messed up. And to even out the blonde streaks the beach put in your hair. You will forget that your mother and you have the same color hair and same facial features. You will forget that there is a very good reason you have always gone darker with your hair color, including adding in auburn highlights. You will forget your mother has short hair. You will forget what you looked like the last time you had short hair. You will forget that you spent forever growing all the layers out of your hair.

You will come out blonder than you ever expected, with 8 (yes 8) inches cut off, with hair the shortest it has ever been (chin-length), and in layers. You will like it at first....maybe......looks not too bad while you are still dressed in your dressy church clothes. Wondering how it will look when you try to do it yourself. Knowing stylists always can get it to do things you can not.

Later, you will put your pajamas on, take contacts out, put glasses on and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and totally freak out. You look like a horrible combination of your 6th grade dorky self and your freaking mother. Shit. So how long before I can put more hair color on? I colored it 2 weeks ago and then today? Think tomorrow is too soon? Think purple is too big of a shock? At least it would be different.


Lynn said...

OMG, Enola, the same thing happened to me when I lost it and went after my hair and chopped it. I was horrified. Absolutely horrified at the resemblance. So I spiked it. Very punk. It was good.

jewellybeano said...

Opps, went to short and too blonde huh? Hey, I bet it is really cute on you though. I bet it looks nice, even though it reminds you too much of your mom. Does hubby like it?

Marj aka Thriver said...

Holy cow! Eight inches! that must have been a shock.

I've got a parts/inner child comforting poem up on my blog right now. I'd like to send those comforting vibes on to you. (((safe hugs)))

jumpinginpuddles said...

heehe reminds us of the saying do not let teen alters out unsupervised or your hair with end up with a very blond fringe and many colours of purple red and gold throughout the hair and if you do hide when bigs get to see it lmao not at you but at the same things being doen to us, well they do say hair grows faster once its cut ;)

Tina said...

Well, at least you can say that you don't look like a muffin head - that is what happened when I got my hair permed before 8th grade graduation pictures!

You can go in for a corrective color, but it may take a few shots at it.

I will be back on your blog soon to catch have been writing SOOOOO much and with work right now, I can't even get on here to see how you are doing. :(

keepers said...

we really understand about the being upset when you reminded yourself of your mother!!! when that happened to us we went into shock, never again we swore!!!

peace and blessings