Sunday, August 5, 2007

Coming Back To Me

I am slowly coming back to me. I hadn't realized just how much I had been affected by the meds. For every affect, I had an excuse. I had drunk too much caffeine, not eaten enough, not slept enough, etc. I never put it all together. I've been off the med since Thursday and started back to the old med on Friday (the one I knew worked). I'm feeling better now. Not totally back to me, but getting there.

Yesterday I got away for a girls' trip. We went to a scrapbook convention and had a great time. Bought way too much product. But had a great time in my classes learning new techniques. Now I just need to catch up on some more sleep.


Lynn said...,9171,1130228-1,00.html

jumpinginpuddles said...

we hope coming back to you time is a good thing all around.

~Sister in Survival~ said...

Hi All,

I read the article from Time. It was quite profound, and I found myself identifying with much of it. The quotes below sum up most of what I came to feel as one drug after another was prescribed or sample doled out. The majority of them I tossed in a cabinet somewhere...just in case...

The rest of this entry is located in my own blog, because as I didn't want to take over the thread here.

Take care and be strong,
Your Sister in Survival,

"Does a spontaneous chemical abnormality trigger the bad feelings we call depression, or might years of unresolved anxiety and festering discontent cause chemical disturbances - disturbances that might fix themselves once sufferers put their lives in order?"

"a "third way" of treating depression in children and adolescents: instead of drugs or formal talk therapies, they get "rehabilitation" based on exercise, dietary changes, better sleep habits - and talk, to try to find out "what's worrying the kid rather than what's wrong with him."

"Immediately before her encounter with psychiatry, Rebekah Beddoe was a normal girl having a rough trot. By the time of her inspired decision three years later to take herself off her medications, she'd been diagnosed with five separate mental disorders and drugged to within an inch of her life."

"People go for help when they're at their most vulnerable," she says. "They're confused and don't trust their own judgment. If they knew the doctor was going to prescribe a drug that has the propensity to induce exactly the feelings they're trying to avoid, they'd run screaming from it."

lawyerchik said...

I was on Zoloft a couple of times about 10 years ago, and I found that the medication effect was worse than riding out how I was feeling.

I reached the same question - does the brain chemistry get out of whack because life is screwy, or does life get screwy because the brain chemistry is out of whack?

My own experience with them was that they might have been useful to get the brain chemistry back to some level of "normalcy" so that my thinking could occur rationally to sort things out (and I say "might have been" deliberately), but at some point, I had to start living my own life - not the medication's life.

My depression and anxiety were more a situational reaction - poor coping skills for stress insted of a mental illness - and that made a huge difference in how I dealt with it.

I learned ways of coping with the stress in my life instead of just numbing my mind and my body to what was going on, which helped resolve the problems and made me feel better all at the same time. It took longer, but it was worth it.

Not everybody can or should do that, and there are days when I'm sure people around me think I need some good drugs. I think part of it is that our society is unaccustomed to people expressing real emotions, and we need to include that as part of our definition of "normal."

Keep looking, though. Keep looking for ways that help you - [[[[HUG]]]]


Kahless said...

Sorry to interrupt the thread, but what is a scrapbook convention?
Am I missing something?

Beautifuldreamer said...

A scrapbook convention, how fun! Of course you bought too much of everything, how could you enjoy yourself otherwise?

I'm so glad you're getting your meds straightened out. Hopefully you'll get caught up on some sleep soon.

Enola said...

kahless - I'll have to email you about the scrapbook convention. I'd hate to bore everyone else with a zillion pages of details!!

lawyerchik said...

Just found this link and wanted to send it to you. Hope things are looking up!