Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gideon - It's okay to ask

Our Sunday school lesson today was from Judges chapters 6 - 7. We studied Gideon. Apparently I've read this before because there are notes in the margins. However, I couldn't remember having read it or anything about Gideon or what he had done. In my margin it says, "God sees us as He is going to make us" and "it's okay to ask."

Gideon is asked by God to lead an army to strike down the Midianites. Gideon is awestruck that God would use him - a poor man from the least tribe. Gideon asks God to "wait one moment" because he needs a sign. So Gideon prepares a sacrifice which God causes to burst into flames. And Gideon realizes it is God. He obeys God's command to tear down the altars of the gods (Baal and Asherah), but does it at night so as not to be seen by others. Soon Gideon requests another sign and then another. Gideon needs reassurance over and over again that God is with him.

I think I'm like Gideon. I need a sign. I need a feeling. I need a stirring within my heart. I'd love to see God, a burning bush, a flash of lightening or something. But I'd be content with a feeling. To be able to feel God. I would like some response to my question --- God are you out there?


Anonymous said...

Yes,my child, I am here.

Your lack of feeling My presence does not mean that I have left you. Your relationship with Me is not based upon those feelings or emotions but upon the blood of my Son, Jesus Christ. He carried every one of your personal sins up Golgatha's Hill and hung them upon the cross of Calvary so that you might be made pure. Every self-injurious act, every self-loathing thought, every brick that you placed between yourself and the world that was meant to protect but only served to wall-off your spirit from Me and the rest of those who love you has been forgiven.

If you believe that Christ died for you and feel that you are still bound by the sins of this world, you are listening to Satan's lies. He wants you to be destroyed in the chaos of your own thougts. Know that that chaos is not of Me for I have not given you a spirit of fear but of a sound mind. I made a way for all the evil to be forgiven; your sins included. I need for you to turn to Me and trust. If you will only draw near, I will begin to restore you in body, soul and spirit.

Spend time with Me in reading the Word. My Spirit will bring healing through its pages. Ask for the things that are needed to restore your soul; I will provide them, and when you do not know what it will take, cry out to me for I know your heart better than you.

My child, know that the restoring of body, soul, and spirit is not always instantaneous. Renewal takes time. I want to sanctifiy you and make you more like Jesus, but you must do the work required in drawing near to Me. I love and cherish you more than you will ever know until you reach the home in Heaven that I have prepared for you.

Know that I feel your pain now. Find your Bible and turn to Psalms. Read chapter 32, 38, 51, and 139. Also, read Hebrews 12. I want you to return to me as David did. I want you to know that I love you and that it is time to stop wandering in the desert of despair, my Child. It is time for you to allow Me to fill that hollow place that I made in your soul. Only my Holy Spirit can truly make you complete. Know that even in the depths of hell that you are going through, I long for you to turn to me.

Enola said...

Dear Anonymous - THANK YOU !!!

Beauty said...

The desire for signs, oh what a human need!

There have been times in my life when I've desperately begged for some kind of a sign, and gotten nothing (or was too obtuse to see it for what it was.) There have been other times I haven't asked, but received, a sign. The most vivid one I remember is while praying for Tim one time, I actually "felt" the brush of an angel's wings as he flew by on his way to watch over my son. (I remember thinking that the wing felt more substantial, but at the same time softer, than I would have imagined.)

I can't explain this moment any better than that. Some things can't be put into words. I know it happened, I know it filled my heart with peace and joy.

I've had signs come to me within the context of a dream. Not to give the impression that I receive signs every time I turn around--I most certainly don't. But God knows what we need and will faithfully supply it, and His timing is always perfect.