Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An Interview of Me

Hi and welcome to my Interview. Today, Heart to Heart has sent me five questions to answer at my request. If this something you’d like to do, here’s how it works:

Instructions - if you would like to be interviewed -
1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

(By the way - I did this once before with Lynn from Spilling Ink. My responses to her much easier questions (ha ha) are here.)

Questions (in blue)

# 1 You have just been given a gift of 48 hrs to do with however you please w/ unlimited $. Tell me what you would do.

I would tele-transport myself (not to waste any time on travel) to the Lake house where I summered as a child. I would drive through town slowly, relishing all the stores I remember from a child. I would drive down the long winding dirt road (my avatar on my blog reminds me of this driveway) with the windows down relishing the smells and sounds. I would enter the cabin where I spent so much time. I would sleep late, with windows open, under heavy covers since it gets cold at night. I would wake up with an early morning (chilly) swim across the lake to the buoy and back. Drink coffee at the picnic table. Feed the baby ducks. Spend the morning walking around the lake. Spend the afternoon sleeping in the sun on a raft in the middle of the lake. Cook my supper over the campfire. Listen intently for the sound of "old man charlie" yelling VVVVOOOOLLLLEEEYY - BBBBAAALLLLLLL across the lake. Then I'd row the canoe over to the volleyball game and play under the lights. I'd sleep in late, stay up too late around the campfire. Eat too many smores. Take the speedboat out for a tour of the lake. On the second evening I'd have to take the boat into town and get ice cream on the dock. For just 48 hours I would be a child again - one of the few happy childhood memories I have.

#2 You've mentioned recently, you and your "significant other" have a little tension in your relationship currently Try to put all of that aside for the moment, tell me what originally attracted you to him....try to come up with at least 3 or 4 things.

I came out of a very long relationship in February one year and was not looking to get involved with anyone. Met up with my now-husband through a friend (he is her cousin) in March - just one month later. I dated him through that summer but was planning on ending things at the end of the summer when I went on to further my education. Before the summer was out, he told me he "loved me" and I said nothing in return. I left for school and made it just a few hours before I called crying that I had made a mistake. Began commuting on weekends to stay with his parents so we could be together while I was in school. That's just a little background to set the stage for my 4 things - (1) I love that he was and is totally supportive of my education. He quit his job and moved with me the summer before my last year of school. He went from living with his parents to living in a tiny apartment with me inside of an all-girls dormitory. I was the resident director of an all-girls hall and we lived there our first year of marriage. (2) I love his sense of humor. (3) I love that he is so "normal" - parents still married, no deep dark secrets in his past. No divorce in his family. Just a pretty normal family. They've had their issues, like everyone, but nothing like mine. (4) I love that he is so laid back. I tend to be overly anxious and worrisome and he is not - now I think he is a little TOO laid back though!

#3 You have a very "haunting" picture on the side bar of your blog. It is a very powerful picture. I'm interested in knowing more about it. Where did you find it? Tell me anything else about it that you can think of.

I've always been drawn to the "Scream" painting. Here is something I wrote just prior to adding that to my blog - I have verbalization "issues" where I have trouble expressing emotions out loud. Actually I've made progress. I used to not feel emotions at all. Or allow myself to think about them. Now I can feel them sometimes. But I still can't talk about them or say them out loud. I'm getting slightly better about writing them. "Scream" is me - silently screaming but no words coming out.

#4 You've been blogging now for several months. What are some of the high lights and low lights of your blog experience?

I don't think I have a low light of blogging. There have been some pretty intense, rough, raw, "icky" things that I've written. But even writing them has been therapeutic. I've only had positive comments and responses. I've "met" some wonderful people online. (and even one in person!). I used to write all the time and keep journals. Then I became closed off and numb and stopped. Now that I've gotten back to writing, it's because so cathartic and therapeutic for me. I really enjoy it. Getting to know myself better is the definite high point. If I had to pick a low point, I'd say it's the remembering part of writing. The memories that were repressed/pushed down that have come back. I think ultimately that will be a good thing, and I don't have regrets that it has happened. It's just tough living through it.

#5 This may be another tough question. If you would, you tell me how your faith "intersects" with your life as you seek to get your bearings.

Hmm. I think that depends on the day. I've had ups and downs in my faith over the past 2 years. At times I do the "right" things like have a daily quiet time, attend a church Bible study, go to church every Wed and Sunday, teach a preschool choir. Other times I do very little. I've had one particularly memorable mountain top experience where I was sure I felt God. Otherwise I think I've been searching for God. Holding on by my fingernails. I have trouble "feeling" anything and God is on that list. I don't expect a Moses-type burning bush experience, but some sort of presence would be nice. My faith keeps me going though. I firmly believe there is no such thing as a coincidence. Someone told me a quote one time that "coincidences are when God chooses to remain anonymous." In a Beth Moore Bible study, she calls them God-STOPs which stands for Savoring The Observable Presence of God. As I try to find my bearings, I try to find those God STOPs along the way and use them as motivation to keep going. One step at a time.


Cassandra said...

Interview me.!!


jumpinginpuddles said...

we asked soemone to interview us once and they ignored it, so here we go again interview us.
And we like the qustiosn given adn the responses back very good

Enola said...

Cassandra and JIP - I'm working on your questions but I need to know how to get them to you. If you aren't comfy posting your email address, then I'll post my interview questions as a comment on your most recent blog post. You can copy the questions down and then delete the comment. If you are comfy giving me your email, send it to me at

Beauty said...

Oh what the heck, interview me!

(By the way, I particularly liked your response to the question about your faith. Do you know if you have parts who are not Christian? It's very likely and would explain a lot.)

Hidden Tears said...

Hmmm I was thinking and, sure why not.

Cassandra said... is my email addy :)



Enola said...

Cassandra - I'm emailing yours.

JIP - I'm posting yours as a comment on your blog.

Beauty and Hidden Tears - I'll send yours sometime this week.

Beauty - I don't think I have parts. Or DID that I know of. Although after today nothing would surprise me.

Cassandra said...

awesome questions Enola.. my answers are posted on my blog :)



Enola said...

Okay - Beautiful Dreamer, Overcoming & Conquering, Jumping in Puddles and HiddenTears have all been sent interview questions. All their blogs are listed in my Frequently visited blogs. So check them out !!!

K-Perfect said...

Interview me too!

Enola said...

Okay - I'll get the questions to you soon.

Perfect's blog is linked to mine on the right so be sure to check hers out too.