Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Morning Coffee with Friends

Good morning friends,
This is how I like to start my day. Get to the office before most others are here. Read my daily devotion calendar in the quiet. Sip my coffee and eat my carrot muffin or oatmeal. Then I commune with friends. I visit all the blogs on my "blogs I frequent and helpful websites" column (which I need to update by the way). I check in with a couple of other websites and friends. I look forward to the new posts and read them much like some people read the paper. I keep up with them better than I do with current events. I knew that Spilling Ink's husband had knee surgery before I knew there had been some big political debate over the weekend. Those things are more important to me. All of you out there (yes, you) are important to me.

I realized over the past few days just how important my online friends are. On three different sites/online arenas, three people I consider my friends talked about suicide. With one I knew where they worked, and I called and left them a message on their voice mail, as well as emailed. With another, all I could do was post on their blog. With the third, I spent several hours cyber-stalking her and finally got in touch with her. That was most important to me - see last week when I was having my medication crisis, she was my lifeline. She IM-ed with me for hours that day, talked with me on the cell phone as I drove home - staying with me until I got into my house safely. She checked in with me the next day and chatted with me as I waited for the doctor to call back. She walked me through my different choices and kept bringing me back to what ~I~ wanted to really do. I could not have made it through those two days without her. Last night I hope I was able to offer her even a portion of the support she offered me. I'm still worried about her and will spend most of today praying for her and waiting for her to check in via email.

And now, unfortunately, it is time to start my day and get to work. Cheers everyone! Have a wonderful day.


~Sister in Survival~ said...

So glad to know that you are feeling better and things are getting back to normal. I thought I was the only one that cyber-stalked her friends, when she thought they were in trouble.

Beautifuldreamer said...

I like the visual of you munching on a carrot muffin and drinking coffee while visiting your friends' blogs.

I know exactly what you mean about how important it is to you to keep up with your cyber friends. My day also starts out with coffee and lollygagging on the computer as I check to see how everyone's doing. It's nice to know that others are just as dedicated to keeping up, and to lend a helping hand when needed.

That's what survival is all about...

Lynn said...

Hi, Enola. It's great to hear you sounding so much better. It is like the daily paper for bloggers, isn't it? That's an image that makes me smile.

lawyerchik said...

You're so good at doing those things BEFORE the work day!! :)