Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Survivor's New Clothes

I have to dress professionally in my job. In school we had days where we were required dress professionally - whether it be for a particular class or seminar or a guest speaker. In a conversation with a professor, I asked why. He advised me to watch the way people walked and carried themselves in their professional attire. So I sat back and observed.

The professor was correct. In "dress-up" clothes, there was less frivolity, less sitting on desks, less goofing around. People sat up straight, paid attention and carried themselves with more confidence.

When I get home, I immediately kick off my shoes. Next I typically change into my grub clothes. If I have something after work, I will usually carry a change of clothes with me. I can not wait to be out of my pantyhose, high heels and restricting suits. I change before doctors' appointments, our Wednesday evening "relaxed" church services and counseling.

With the shedding of the professional attire, goes the shedding (somewhat) of the professional mask - the one I hide behind. My clothes tell a lot about me. So does how I hold myself.

If I don't know you real well, or am not relaxed, I'll dress in more formal attire. Definitely long pants or capris. Hair will be down or pulled back in a bun. Make up perfect. Contacts instead of glasses. I'll sit properly - like a proper young lady. If I'm comfortable with you, I'll dress casually - hair back, in a ponytail or a hat. I might even wear my glasses instead of my contacts. I'll wear shorts without regard for the scars on my legs. I'll sit cross-legged, kick my shoes off and relax.

Lately I'm trying to shed more of my professional persona when I can. With that in mind, I'm off to shop - for some new clothes. Some relaxed clothes.

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lawyerchik said...

Good for you! I hope you find things that make you feel like you. :)