Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time for a Change

I've decided it's time for a new look. I really like green as a color and decided to make my blog more green oriented. Some of the post colors are a bit difficult to read, but I think the are still viewable. I'll try to use font colors that are more legible in the future. Let me know your thoughts.

My office is green finally. I moved into this office in 2003. I was pregnant and not able to have it painted then. It took me until last year to finally decide on colors and get it painted. My office has ugly blue/gray carpet, but the office keeps promising we're getting replacement carpet soon. Below my cream chair rail is a seafoam green. Above it is a celery type green - very pale. Several people have remarked that it looks like a spa - very relaxing. I like it. I decided to incorporate those colors here.

I've also added this new picture on the lower right hand side of my blog. If you can't read it, it says - "It is so much more horrifying than what I told you. More than I ever knew was possible. More than I will ever tell you. More than I will ever admit to myself." I've had that picture on my computer for awhile. I may even have referenced it before. This week, it is a good depiction of how I feel.
You may notice the contrast - my new colors/office are relaxing, serene peaceful, spa green. The picture screams out in agony. That's me - the battle going on within.
(decided green was too serene - back to dark blues/greens as of 9/11)

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Austin said...

HA! I love green. I can't help it. I'm motivated by it, inspired to paint when I see it. I love green. But when I'm painting I think to myself, well, if you use green again nobody's gonna want to buy this thing. Who wants to come to my art collection when everything is green? I love green, olive green especially. If you put it with a wine colour I'm one happy camper.