Sunday, September 2, 2007

Missing in Action for a Bit

It was supposed to be a short trip over Labor Day to visit my sister and her family. Husband, Daughter & I left Thursday afternoon and were supposed to drive back today (Sunday). My niece (6 1/2) had, what we thought was a spider bite, on her leg. Long story short, she was admitted to the hospital today with what we think is MRSA - a staph infection.

I stayed with my sister and niece all day. Had to help Sister hold Niece down any time doctors or nurses came near her. Even to take her temperature. Being held down is awful for me, so I'm not too keen on doing it to anyone else. Especially my own niece who is crying and wailing. But, knowing the procedure is necessary (and having fully cross-examined the doctors and nurses about what they were doing and why), I assisted. I got to hold her legs sometimes and her arms other times. I have to hand it to my niece. She's feisty. And strong. I love her spirit. In the end, the treatment was rendered, and after M&Ms, a balloon from the gift shop and a "webkins" (some new stuffed animal that is all the rage), Niece was back (mostly) to herself.

My Sister, Niece and I hung out in the hospital today. One advantage to an infection is that you get a private room -- albeit one with a bright red "quarantine" sign on it.

This ordeal is resurrecting my own memories of surgery when I was 7. I had an abscess on my neck which required draining because of an infection (similar to Niece's illness now). I was admitted to the hospital for 3-4 days. My mom did not stay. She dropped me off and left. I remember sharing a room with a boy a bit older than me. Not having brothers, that spooked me. It was a teaching hospital and there were people in and out all the time. Nighttime was really scary.

Seeing my Niece there, I can't imagine how my mother did that. My sister and I didn't leave Niece alone at all. One, if not both, of us were with her at all times. And there was absolutely no question but that my Sister would stay the night with her.

Please pray for my Niece. And Sister and I as we deal with all this emotional/family baggage.


Jewellybeano said...

I'm glad they found out what is was and are getting her treatment. Those infections can be very serious and SO many people think they are spider bites.
I imagine that was really hard to hold her down. I've had to do that with my own kids in the ER. I hate it. I cry almost every time.

Beauty said...

Will be praying for you and your's. I once had to hold down my 4 year old son while the dr. reset his broken arm. Yucky!

I'm glad your niece is getting good care, and that she has a mommy who will stay with her (and an auntie to help out.)

jumpinginpuddles said...

/please stay in touch and stay grounded we will miss you :(

lawyerchik said...

Hey, Enola - I'm glad you were able to be there with your sister and your niece. If it's any consolation to you, back in the day, hospitals didn't let parents stay with their kids in the hospital the way they do now.

I still remember being in the hospital at about age 4 to have a growth removed from the inside of my eyelid, and I had to stay overnight all by myself. My mom was in nursing school, so if they would have bent the rules for anyone, it might have been her, but they just didn't do those things back then.

(Of course, I stayed up all night and pestered the nurses, so they might have had extra incentive to let someone - ANYone - stay with me. They still didn't.....)

Even in the early 80s, when I worked in a hospital in Texas, the kids stayed overnight by themselves - they just didn't let parents or relatives stay in the hospital with the patients.

Good thing they've relaxed some of that now - and I'm glad they let you and your sister hang out with your niece. Hope you have a good rest of the day.....

Cassandra said...

heyy Enola

Im keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers..



jumpinginpuddles said...

when you are back please go to our blog to find your present :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Treating a child who doesn't really understand that the hurt of being poked with needles etc is going to make them better can be very trying.

I know when my youngest was being treated for cancer she had to be help down for any kind of poke. It was horrible. They finally put in a cathedar so she didn't have to have anymore pokes. TG. I don't think I could have taken three years of that torture.

I hope the infection clears up very soon.