Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Autism Awareness

My family has been touched by autism. Please take 3.21 minutes to go watch this Five for Fighting video. Every hit raises money. If you aren't interested in the video, please pull up the site, hit play and go to the bathroom or something. Every hit helps. Thank you.

Link - http://www.whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com/videos/view/id/408214

For charity specific donations , whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com will pay $1.00 per view of the designated charity’s videos - until the number of viewings equals the amount donated less .04 per view. The .04 expense is Revver.com's .03/view webhosting charge and California Community Foundation's (CCF) 1% administrative expense. OVER 95% of money donated goes directly to the chosen charity!
For general donations, whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com will again distribute OVER 95% of money donated to the selected charities. This is determined primarily by the amount of views per charity. The 5% expense will include Revver.com's .03/view webhosting cost, CCF's 1% administrative expense and site maintenance.
Donations may be made in the name whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com or directly to any of the charities and site will acknowledge the donation in the its list of contributors.
Donations to whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com are tax deductible and payable to the California Community Foundation . The foundation's administrative expense is 1% of total donations and paid by whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com.


jumpinginpuddles said...

wow we didnt know that about you guys that a member of your family has autism :O we have laos been touched by autism so we are clicking on he link

Marj aka Thriver said...

I clicked and watched. Beautiful and moving. Thanks for raising awareness!