Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wean off Effexor Day 1

Note to self - thou shall not google drugs and their effects on pregnancy. Thou will become scared.

Note 2 - thou shall not google "weaning" and "effexor." Thou will become scared.

I figured I'd write a bit about how this weaning of meds process is doing. I think it will help me keep track of how things are going. Plus there is a lot of outdated stuff on the internet about coming off effexor and it will scare you to pieces if you read it. I don't know which of my "symptoms" are related to coming off trileptal, coming off effexor, not taking the xanax/ambien or being pregnant.

If anyone else has experience coming off effexor, I'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday I'm pretty sure none of the morning meds stayed down. But I did take all my usual morning meds. Tuesday night I cut the trileptal in half. The trileptal is usually prescribed for seizures/epilepsy, but in low doses helps with panic. It really helped me a lot. I was taking 150 mg 2x a day. Tuesday I was jittery, head hurt and did not sleep. Then again I was worried, braces tightened and stomach upset.

Wednesday I forgot to take my meds until lunch. I took just the 1/2 trileptal (morning and night) but the regular 150 mg effexor. Did not take any of my xanax, ambien or zyrtec. I was foggy brained yesterday. Jittery too. I did not sleep at all except for maybe 2 hours between 3 and 5 am.

Thursday (today) - I took 1/2 trileptal this morning. I will not take any tonight. I took 75 mg of effexor. Was nauseous this morning and that just started clearing up a bit (it's 11:30 now). I'm extremely tired. I did allow myself 1 cup of soda (I generally love coffee but the smell of coffee was not a good thing this morning). I did take 2 tylenol to ease the muscle soreness from braces. I'm jittery and shaky. My jaw keeps wobbling and I keep shaking - like I'm cold. I'm also lagging - it's like my brain is 20 seconds behind normal. I'm a bit unsteady and uncoordinated too. Still cramping (but I'm pretty sure that is pregnancy related).


austin said...

Yeah, I don't really like to look stuff up on the net like that because it'll throw you into more anxiety than the anxiety that lead to the search.

A blog I use to go to a very long time ago was basically about getting herself off Effexor. I wish I could remember the link. I do know it was a blogspot blog, that much I remember.


Tina said...

Keep in mind, your doctor is dating your PG so far a little over 5 weeks...some of the nausea could be morning sickness and not weaning from meds. ;) Thought I would give you a little reminder of THOSE symptoms! :)

I will be praying that the weaning process goes well for you. DH is on Effexor - although he has not weaned from it, he has skipped it (much to my dismay) for a few days in a row and headache/upset stomach does ensue. But, then again, that is not taking any dose for several days in a row.

Please do yourself a favor - and trust me, this is coming from personal experience and purgatory - Step away from Dr. Google! You are only going to make yourself worry more than you already are. Just live day to day as best you can...and ask for help from those who care about you.


casey said...

Enola...the effexor can be very hard to withdraw from. I did it very slowly during a med change, and I felt like I was have my brain go through mini electrical pops..if that makes sense. I also was very sick to my stomach...and my thinking was clouded. Seems to me, it also caused some type of anxiety that made me feel angry. Keep in mind however, that I have bipolar.

Did your doc give you a drawn down schedule? I am thinking of you.

Perfect said...

I would imagine your symptoms are a combination of all the above. Try to chalk it all up to being makes it more tolerable! I had horrible cramping for several weeks in the beginning of my pregnancy...gotta love that stretching uterus. If it's not going to trigger SI desires....a nice warm bath or shower helps. As you know, I've forgotten to take my Effexor before and it's hell when I start to experience withdrawal. Hang in's all for the best cause!! Hugs!

Lynn said...

It seems I have missed quite a bit of goings on over here! Congratulations, Enola. I will be hoping for the very best for you. Just hang in there and keep doing what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

I am currently going off effexor and the constant headache are killing me....i have been lowering 37.5 per week and have 2 weeks to go....just terrible hearaches and weird dreams...this is orrible

Jill said...

good luck with the pregnancy and weaning. I am on effexor too - and thinking about talking to dr. about weaning...eek!

Anonymous said...
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