Friday, February 1, 2008

Return of an old Bully - Panic/Anxiety

Today is day 2 of the 37.5 effexor dose. The shaking is back. Also, the panic/anxiety is back in town - bullying me around and controlling what I do. Since xanax is no longer an option :) I have to find other ways to cope. I'm doing deep breathing and grounding work. But what I'd really love to know is what works for you? If you have anything that relaxes you, especially when anxious or panicky, will you please comment and share?

My Goals for this Weekend - things to help
1. Practice deep breathing at least 3x a day.
2. Attempt to schedule my massage (using a gift card I received for Christmas). Scheduling problems are proving an issue. EDITED - they got me in tonight at 5. Yippee!!!
3. Take a nice hot (well not too hot!) bath and relax while reading a good book.


DM said...

I will probably be of no help what so ever on this one. (as far as suggestions)...the last time something remotely like this happened to me, I HAD to talk to someone I knew who cared and I trusted. Just getting my anxiety out in the open helped for me...not to say this are in our

Tina said...

I am not sure what to tell anxiety was BAD over the holidays, and I found myself slip into my old ways of dealing with it (which, in turn gave me a night of being up all night thinking I was going to puke). So, I am a very bad example!

I think your plan is good, though. Maybe add in a call to your T, in case it gets bad?

Yeah on the u/s updates! I am so glad everything is going well with this!

Anonymous said...

Panic and anxiety are among the most difficult things for me to counter. Real live people did help -- whether on the phone, at my house, or if I could get away to their house. Having help with everyday stuff helped -- like if someone came over to take care of the baby for me, or bring meals, etc. Writing helps a little. And reminding myself over and over what I know to be true -- that accepting reality isn't condoning it, that this too will pass, that God is good even when I can't figure out how, etc.

~Sister in Survival~ said...

What has worked the most for me is going into the anxiety instead of trying to get away from it. I search for what is triggering me and how it relates to the internal fear that expresses itself through the symptoms of anxiety, then rationalize my way through the episode. It doesn't always work, but quite often it does...I will continue to remember you and the little one in my prayers...I hope things are soon calmer for you.

jumpinginpuddles said...

hold on did i miss soemthing you are pregnant:O:O:O ok how did we miss that news, omg wow, we are so excited, although thats partly becasue its you not us hehehehee, we have had enough babies.
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Lynn said...

I was going to say a bath! Also a cup of tea. Sometimes retreating to my room for a few minutes and wrapping myself in a blankie helps, too.

nadcesca said...

I usually write... take a paper... close my eyes and write... you will be surprise what your mind will come up with. your suggestions are good...just hoping they will work.
Take care

Missing In Sight said...

I wish I had advice but I don't. My doc's trying to adjust my meds so I can stop being shaky, dizzy, and lightheaded.

I can throw out shopping. Not that we have money, but going to the mall and getting a coffee can sometimes distract us.

Hope the message was good.

Missing In Sight said...

sorry, enola. I hope the "MASSAGE" was good.

And we're going to be an English teacher?

Anonymous said...

Yes, relaxing in the tub should help. I'm glad you were able to get a massage.

I like that you have some ways of coping in place ahead of time.

I won't tell you to take it easy, but I do hope you can!


keepers said...

we use the deep breathing and our yoga, wish we had more to offer you.
we do get massages from jm most nights right before bed and that helps us a whole whole lot.

peace and blessings


Kahless said...

You have been tagged!

Rising Rainbow said...

I remember that drawing pictures of my anger was helpful to me and also writing despriptive passages about it. I got the idea from a session where someone was told to do that for her panic so I would think it could be helpful for you.

Also, I know that trying to tune my thinking down to smaller increments helped a bunch with many difficult times for me. It seems to me that panic wants to suck you in and take you over just like depression did to me.

When I could find something I liked to focus on doing that could fill up my mind and push the black out, that was helpful. I remember making some very detailed craft projects and I think that is the basis of why the art or writing help. Instead of denying the panic was there, I could change its dimension. And the thought that it took to do that, actually pushed it out of my mind.

April_optimist said...

Deep breathing is a big one for me. Taking walks--especially if it's sunny out. Surrounding myself with things that make me smile. Reminding myself of all my strengths and all the ways I have been successful in the past.

Missing In Sight said...

I feel so hypocritical to leave suggestions for you when they don't always work for me; but, you never how they will your system.

I am a major sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks and I will try to cut out the bad foods like chocolate and soda b/c of the caffiene (probably told that by your doctor). I would also combine some of the other suggestions and put on some soothing music that you really enjoy and do an activity with that in the back ground.

Lastly, when I can wrap my mind around it, I like to back. Cookies, breads, you name. It words out well for me b/c it reduces the anxiety attackand helps my college friends cause we're too poor to eat, anyway.

Marj aka Thriver said...

I use Kava a lot, but you're probably not supposed to use that when you're pregnant. I also love lavender. I have LOTS of lavender scented lotion, shower gel, etc. I put a few drops of the essential oil on my pillow case and that helps me sleep. Sometimes I just unscrew the cap of the bottle and take a big whif. BTW, it washes right out of the pillow case, so you don't have to worry about that. I hope your massage was WONDERFUL! :)