Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Secrets - I'm glad Max can't talk

Rising Rainbow did the Quirky habits meme with a quirky twist. She challenged those she tagged to reveal a secret. There is one "person" in my life that knows all my secrets. His name is Max.

Actually, his full name is 'Miserable Max' and he came into my life when I was about seven years old. My Nana gave him to me. The tag that came with him said that he was designed to take all my miseries away. Prior to Max, I slept with a small, dark brown dog names "Chocolate." I've never been a stuffed bear person, but have always preferred dogs. My Nana knew this. She probably didn't know that I would need a 'Max' to take away my miseries.

Max went away with me to college. And was the one constant that I took home with me every break and summer. When I graduated college, I moved into an apartment with friends for the summer. I was devastated to discover that Max was lost. A few months later, while working for the Admissions office of the college, I was giving a tour to a prospective student. I showed off my old room - and there, under the bed was Max. I walked the student back to the office, ran back to the room, scooped Max up and was ecstatic.

Max went to law school where he, once again, resided in my bed. When I got married, Max had to move on. He resided on top of my dresser for awhile, to be afforded prime spot on the bed only when my Husband travelled.

Now that I'm grown-up and a mom, Max resides on top of my closet shelf. On occasions, he gets to come out and sleep in bed with me. Usually when I'm sick or my husband travels. Sometimes on special dates, he'll come out and interact with my daughter and her stuffed friends.

Max still fits perfectly under my arm, tucked under my chin. His fur is old and raggedy but he still feels wonderful. The other night, when I wasn't feeling well, and my Husband slept on the couch with our sick Daughter, I got Max down out of the closet. As I snuggled up with him, I smiled, glad that Max can not talk.

Max knows too many secrets and has witnessed too many events. He is the one that absorbs my tears when I cry. Shakes with me when I hold him through a panic attack. He is the one I hide behind when I don't want anyone to see me. Max is the only one allowed under the covers when I'm hiding there. He's the only one that knows that when I'm really upset or scared, or wake up from a nightmare, that my left thumb finds its way into my mouth. (well okay, now Max, and a few dozen readers know!).

So that's my secret and here is my secret holder -


Anonymous said...

Max is absolutely adorable.

lawyerchik said...

He's this close to real!! I'm glad you had such a good friend when you needed him! I have a Tigger that is like that - he's still up on the closet shelf after 40 years of moving and fires and all of the other traumas of life!! :)

DM said...

My "Max" is missing...I saw him a few years ago in a drawer, but for the life of me, can't find him. He once was a fluffy little dog, but now all of his fur is missing, as well as his stuffing, yet when I touch him, something deep within my soul begins to stir. That is beautiful you still have of our girls also has a thumb that finds it's way into her mouth @ 21..and another one of them has a "ni-night" ( a tattered home made blanket)that has survived 26 yrs. Thanks for sharing this special part of your life with us..I'll never tell ;-)

Anonymous said...

He sure is cute. I could snuggle with him anyday.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Miserable Max must be a wonderful companion, especially to remain loyal and keep your secrets for so long. Besides, he’s rather cute—and I assume he doesn’t claw you to open the door so he can go outside and cat around.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! I want one!


(By the way, congrats on your 100 days without cutting.)

Marj aka Thriver said...

Awwww. I think this story is adorable. I'm so glad you found Max when he was lost. I'm still working on my list. Will probably get it up in a couple of days.