Monday, September 15, 2008

At least Someone is Enjoying this

This is Tallie. Doesn't she look thrilled to have her picture taken? Don't let her fool you. She's in doggy heaven.

Normally Tallie spends her day in the fenced in back yard. She hangs out, sleeps in the dirt, unless it rains and then she might wander into her dog house. She is put outside when we leave in the AM and let back in when we return home. Now I consider a dog with a huge, fenced-in yard and nice dog house, pretty lucky. Tallie begs to differ though. She thinks she deserves more.

A few weeks ago I started coming home for longer lunches. Tallie was excited to come in for a break from the heat. She'd often try to hide in the other room so that somedays I would "forget" to put her back outside and she'd spend the afternoon inside.

Now, however, she is truly in heaven. First, I'm not sleeping at all. I've plopped on the couch for the past several nights, so that my Husband at least get some sleep. Tallie gets her choice of sleeping in the bed with my Husband or on the couch with me. Most days I can fall asleep about 4 am. So I tend to ignore the alarm clock in the mornings and just go into the office whenever I get up. Tallie enjoys the extra time to sleep in most mornings.

Today I put Tallie outside for about 2 hours while I ran into the office. Then I was home again for lunch and to work from home. Tallie came in immediately. She 'helped' clean up the rice I spilled on the floor. Then she gladly ate the mushrooms from my Japanese food (I don't like those) and finished the portion I couldn't eat. So helpful, she is.

Now she is asleep on the chair in the living room. Oops - my taking her picture woke her up. After some stretching she has relocated to the bedroom.

It must be nice to be able to eat without heartburn, sleep sprawled out on one's belly, and roll over with ease. At least Tallie is enjoying this waiting game. Doesn't she look happy? I think I'm going to follow her example and take a nap.


Tamara said...

What a sweet doggie! Very sorry you aren't sleeping. I can't imagine how uncomfortable you must be now. I also can't imagine how you get through the days wondering if you are going into labor any second! Seems like it would be quite unnerving! Can't decide if I am glad or sad that I missed the whole being pregnant experience!

Hugs sent your way,

Lynn said...

So then this is what is meant by 'a dog's life'? She certainly does look happy. I don't remember whether or not you mentioned how long you have had Tallie, so I wonder if she has ever seen a newborn baby before? I wonder what a dog might think about such a tiny human, especially if they have never seen one or had any puppies. Maybe after the baby comes you can let Tallie do a post like Alex used to do at Nick's place before he gave him a blog.

Enola said...

Lynn - Tallie was our first "baby." We joked when we got her that she was our practice run and that if she was still alive after 1 year, we'd think about children! After our DD was born, Tallie's entire personality changed. She was never a barker. She had this high pitched yelp. But as soon as DD was born, she began this fierce barking whenever anyone came to the door. She is quite protective. When DD would cry, Tallie would try to distract us by getting into things - we finally figured out that she was trying to distract us because she thought we were hurting the baby.

Even now she is very protective of our Daughter. She's great with putting up with Daughter wanting to dress her up like a princess!

lawyerchik said...

Tallie looks very happy at the change in her lifestyle! :)