Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cuteness Abounds

I have to share some cute stories. We're sticking pretty close to home these days so there has been much more time to lay around, bond and do family things.

- My preschooler is convinced that she can blow a kiss into her hand, slap it up against my mouth and that I can "eat" it. Thus, she gets to kiss the baby.

- She wanted to go pick the tomatos out of the garden - all by herself. I perched on the carport where I could watch from what was determined to be an "acceptable" distance away. I saw as she picked one that was not quite ripe. She looked at it, pronounced it "not done enough" and perched it back in the "V" of a vine so it could grow some more!

- The other night my husband took Daughter and the dog to the park. We live on a dead end street. At the end is a path that is part paved and part dirt. It goes down hill and then leads to a set of railway ties that operate as a staircase down to a park which holds 4 playgrounds, a boardwalk and a duck pond. Heaven on earth for little kids. On their way back, Husband says Daughter and dog ran ahead. He noticed that she just FROZE. He ran up and found a baby copperhead striking at her feet. He scooped her out of the way and looked for a stick. Daughter handed him one and WHACK - he killed it with one blow. We checked her all over and no bite marks. Later Husband mentioned it to a park ranger and the ranger said that baby snakes have just as much venom and it would have been extremely bad if she had gotten bit. Good thing I wasn't there. I would have freaked.....then again, it might have spurred on labor.

- Yesterday I took Daughter to a birthday party. It was outside. Our weather here in September can be uncertain. Some years it is fall - other years still summer. Right now it's summer. Highs in the 90s and HOT and HUMID. All the kids got in the pool. I sat in the shade (still hot) for 4 hours. Came home at 7:30 and I was done. So was my daughter - she was just exhausted. I helped her get a bath and ready for bed and told her I might just go to bed too. She announced that I looked like I needed snuggles. So she climbed into my bed and said she would sleep there and keep me company until Daddy came to bed. I fell asleep with her curled up against my back whispering, "I love you Mommy." Ahh the perfect end to a day.


Anonymous said...

How sweet...

And oh my goodness, the snake!

Rising Rainbow said...

You're right about the cuteness.....the snake would have done me in.

Perfect said...

Awwww, love the last story. Nothing better. That was how DD woke me up this morning. Got into my bed at 6am & said "Do you want me in your bed?", wriggled right into my arms and said "Good morning, I love you Mommy!" {melt!}

Tamara said...

Love the "tomato" story - very cute! But, the snake thing - how scary! Glad she is safe!