Saturday, September 20, 2008

Due Date ------ but I'm due with a procrastinator

My son is going to be just like his Daddy.

Me - I'm always "on time" which to me, means being at least 5 minutes early. Preferably 10. The clock in my car is set 10 minutes fast. Every Sunday I am sitting in the car, threatening to leave my Husband behind because we are going to be "late" for church. We get there way before anyone else and he says, "see, we're not late." I always say "nope, just on time."

Husband - believes that 10 minutes late is "on time." He could get out the door more quickly if he didn't have to double and triple check every plug, appliance and door. He's quite compulsive about shutting things off and locking doors. I have finally convinced him that not everything has to be unplugged. For example, I am now "allowed" to leave my coffeepot plugged in (it has the clock built-in) and the computer. Except when we are gone overnight - then it gets unplugged. He used to unplug the TVs when we were gone overnight, but after I refused to re-program his favorite cable channels last time, he stopped doing that.

Daughter - a good mix. If it is something she wants to do, she is at the door, or out in the car blowing the horn, saying "Giddy-yup, let's go already." If it is something she doesn't want to do, she's screaming in her room, head under covers, "I no want to go." All while we count outside, "1, 2, 3."

Baby - today is his due date. So he's not technically late yet. My husband says to give him time. But in my mind, he's approaching late. Because after all, if I don't go into labor REAL soon, he'll not arrive today.

In the meantime - we're going to the library to let Daughter run around the children's section and play games on their computer. Then to the Science Center (Husband's company has a corporate membership so it's free to us - yeah). They have a new exhibit and the aquarium touch tank has some new sharks. After that it is lunch and a nap. Not sure what we'll do this afternoon. Maybe some laundry. Tonight is a couples' event at our Church - $12 for two steak dinners AND babysitting. Yippee! Daughter is convinced it's a "party" just for her - since she'll get to hang out with all her church friends. Husband and I get some grown-up time, a good meal that we don't have to cook or clean-up, and a good speaker and comedian. Can't beat that. I've already paid for it. If I'm in labor, it will be the best $12 I ever lost. If not, then I'll be ready for some distractions.


Tamara said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. I don't know whether to wish you a good day or for all of the plans to be shot to hell because you go into labor. You choose and I will wish it for you!


lawyerchik said...

Hope that you get to have both - the nice evening, and the labor! :) (if not, don't forget what I said about the waffles and ice cream..... Tomorrow night is Sunday night!!)

dm said...

So how was the steak dinner? is cool to see the due date widget on your blog say 0 days left....maybe it will be this week :-)?

jumpinginpuddles said...

oh we hope you ahve it soon because we are so waiting to hear :D

16 blessings'mom said...

Why is it that at the end of pregnancy, the days are like doubly long? Remember, even though we don't like to hear this, that you really aren't late until at least a week after the due date...due dates are just approximations....listen to me, I had 11 of the 16 on my due dates, or probably can't believe this, but I am actually a bit jealous of you right a good, friendly way, of course....because you are about to experience what I consider the biggest miracle in life, for a second rough, yet so rewarding. Newborns are straight from heaven. That is why they smell so good, you know....they are straight from God.....