Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The End is in Sight

Still here. Had a midwife appt today. I am 3 cm dilated and the MW offered to "stir things up." I accepted her offer and she stripped my membranes. OUCH! She said it could cause cramping/contractions. Sure is. We'll know in 72 hours if it works. With my Daughter it worked pretty quick. Right now I'm just horribly sore. It was a bit triggering having it done - but my husband was there so I focused on him.

I tried to go back to work to get one thing done. But after trying to sit for 5 minutes, I came on home to get off my feet. Princess Tallie is ecstatic because it is raining again and she is warm and snug inside. Shhhh don't tell my Daughter, but Tallie enjoys sleeping on Daughter's princess bed and pillows.

So the end is in sight. If no baby by Tuesday, I have another appt. Then if still no baby by next Friday (26th) I go in for a non-stress test and ultrasound. We'll then decide an induction date. Ideally I'd like to go into labor naturally and NOW. But at least the end is in sight.

I've got a counseling appt today. I contemplated cancelling because I'm not feeling much like walking or sitting today. But I decided to keep it (1) because it is really late in the day to cancel and (2) I really want to get some reassurance/helpful advice on coping with triggers during labor and delivery. I'm also feeling a bit "needy" and T is great about giving me reassurance and support.

When I came home, I noticed my mother was on IM. I've not IM-ed with her in months and months. I've not talked to her in 2 weeks (I think), although I've emailed her a few updates. I was feeling needy and wanting a mother-figure. Should have stopped there. But I IM-ed her just to check in and it went as I should have expected. Mom doesn't do well with pain or medical issues. It doesn't help, I'm sure, that she is up to her eyeballs in Toilet's recent surgery (pacemaker/defibrillator installed recently) and the fact that he is an "invalid" (totally nursing things). She asked what stripping membranes entailed (see here if you want to know). Said "well I've never heard of it before, but I guess they know what they are doing." I explained the process and remarked "OUCH" - but I said that it had worked to get things going with Daughter so I was optimistic. She made the comment that "baby will come when he's ready" and "you just need to be patient" and "I'm surprised you let them do that if you knew it would hurt." Thanks Mom - what I really want is positive encouragement. Then we had the conversation where she is anxious for us to call and had to give me repeated, detailed instructions about reaching her. Because I can't just leave a message. She wants to call back, and if she doesn't reach me, I'm to keep calling - blah blah. Sure mom. My REAL plan is to try her once. If I get her fine - if not, then my sister will update her. I'll be quite too busy to keep playing phone tag.
So that's all the news from this front. I did (finally) sleep well last night. So I'm well-rested and anxious to meet this baby soon. But in any event, I have an end date in sight!


Tamara said...

stripping membranes doesn't sound fun but I understand you wanting to speed the process along. My fingers are crossed that it works!

Lynn said...

I've done that with my mother before. I got really needy and called her (even after the ugly confrontation). I had regrets about having done it, too. I like your 'real plan' of calling just once and letting your sister update her. It takes care of you. And I can totally sympathize with the ouch factor of the whole business. Maybe you can concentrate on how good the new baby's head will smell. That always used to make me feel better! New person smell is even better than new car smell or baking bread.

Maia said...

Sending good thoughts your way!

Tina said...

Sorry to not be around in a while...adjusting to two took some time (although it was a complete joy!).

Hoping that this works for you...and you are in labor soon!

Wish your mother could have been more "motherly" to you. Some people just don't get it - she probably never will. Hoping we can be as motherly as possible to you... *Hugs*