Thursday, October 9, 2008

Storms of Life - Mom and Baby Poop and Work

When it Rains, it Pours..........

First Storm - I survived Mom's visit. Yesterday was okay - she held the baby a lot and we chit-chatted some. She makes no effort to refrain from using "we" or "us." I just let it go. It didn't bother me as bad as it used too. Her cell phone rang at one point and it was Toilet. She got a look of anger and frustration and irritation and went outside. Then I could hear her say, "the number is in the phone book" in a real frustrated voice. Guess she was irritated for him calling. She mentioned some about money issues but that was about it.

Today was a bit more hectic. I was dealing with a very fussy baby (see below) and a 4 year old that is not listening well (some jealousy issues). We're working on it. But Mom was giving me looks every time Daughter didn't listen. One time Mom was coming Daughter's hair and I told her something. Daughter told me NO and I immediately piped up to tell her not to tell me NO when I told her to do or not do something. Mom started to say something but caught herself. Good for her.

Husband and I did, with much hesitation, leave Daughter with Mom for 1 hour while we ran Baby to the pediatrician (see below). We didn't want Daughter to be exposed to a doctor's germy waiting room and knew we wouldn't be able to fully focus on what the doctor was saying if she were there.

Daughter refused to hug Grandma - just blew kisses and hugs - when she left. I could tell Mom was tired and worn out and ready to leave. I was ready too. Daughter listens much better when there is no one else around - she, like any 4 year old, tends to show off in front of others.

So all in all, I survived.

Second Storm - onto the Baby poop Part - we had Baby's 2 week check-up yesterday and mentioned his lack of bowel movements. He's not had but one decent one at all. The doc examined him and his rectum is small/tight. So we were told to wait a week and see what happens but call if things got worse. He then stopped going at all and was acting like he was in horrible pain. We were up all night. So I called this morning and they got us back in. Now we're to do suppositories and have a referral to a pediatric GI doctor. It's stressing me out.

Husband is reacting the way he normally does in these situations. Looking for anyone and anything to blame, yelling and cussing. I'm retreating and crying -- not in front of anyone, of course. I have to stay calm because one of us needs to keep our head on straight.

I did the suppository today and he has gone a bit - still fussy though. VERY fussy. And my turn for a break is done.

Third Storm - work issues - I can't go into much detail but I could use some good thoughts, well wishes and prayers on this end too.

Between lack of sleep, a continuously crying baby, concern about baby's health, a jealous preschooler and defiant child, and work issues, I'm all stormed out and ready for some clear skies.


dm said...

plus your body is recalibrating itself after carrying a baby for 9 months (thinking hormones and all the other adjustments that take place every time you have a baby...not that I've done it personally, but remember when my wife went through it 4 times).Glad you survived your mom's visit..thanks for the updates.

jumpinginpuddles said...

and you are also juggling toddler being on leave adn nappies spounds fair enough to us!!!!!

please go to it is out in the open please read and feel free to comment"

if you feel up to it

Anonymous said...

Sending you positive energy and hope for some good rest for the entire house.

lawyerchik said...

Wow! Sounds like you have more than your hands full! I'm glad you got through it, and I hope things continue to improve.

Sending you hugs and prayers and good thoughts and whatever else you most need, Enola!!

Perfect said...

Glad you survived your Mom's visit and it's behind you.

My DD was also a non-pooper (not surprising, right??) and I did find that Baby Mylicon helped MUCH to ease her discomfort from the extra gas that builds up as a result. I had to use the glycerin suppositories for her as well when she was a newborn. She still only went every few days.