Monday, October 13, 2008

Tear Drops

My house is full of tear drops. Baby cries in pain. I cry in sympathy. Husband rants and raves. I cry in frustration. Daughter acts out, gets put in time out and cries.
For someone that never cried, I do a lot of it now. Several times a day. Baby is still not having bowel movements. We are going to a chiropractor today. Then a pediatric gastroenterologist tomorrow. We're praying on the one hand that it is nothing, or on the other hand that it is something that can be easily corrected. We just want answers and reassurance and a happy baby. I miss the times I spent with Daughter just hanging out, staring at her eyes and talking to her. I haven't gotten to do that with Baby. Except last night when, at 3 am, he was miserable and just laid his head on my chest and started at me with his big blue eyes and grunted in pain. Then I cried.
He finds some relief in being upright. With feet tucked under him. So he sleeps on me - propped on my chest. There is something nice about having him curled up with me. Although sleeping upright is taking a number on my back - hence the visit to the chiropractor - for him and me.
I'm plodding along - just acting by rote memory and doing one thing after another. Work keeps calling and wanting me to think - I can't. Not straight anyway. So they'll just have to wait.


Kahless said...

Oh Enola; it must be so tough for you at the moment. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Tamara said...


I know it is heartbreaking for your baby to be in pain and you can't fix it. I hope the doc has an easy solution and you can all relax and just enjoy this new little life.


Anonymous said...

Everything in life can wait except for... babies. Babies demand our full attention.

Maia said...

Hang in there and take care.

Strong and determined said...

(((Enola))) My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

What a hard time, Enola. I'm thinking of you.



Anonymous said...

Hi from Spain again Enola! Sorry to hear that your little one has problems with bowel movements, that happened with my younger one! and I used a probe?(sorry if that word is not correct, never used in english)there are different probes, I used a probe for babies, they sell them in chemist's, come individually and for one use only, the way I used them is as follows, to help to introduce it I used olive oil, so the probe doesn't hurt, the doctor told me to introduce it 2-3 cm. very slowly and then do a mill movement(slowly) so it makes the body to remember the (sorry I don't know how to explain better)reflex action of poop and helps a lot with gas also, if you don't feel confident enough ask the doctor, is an instant relief for the baby, I always had a couple of spare probes at home when he was under six months old, and believe me that helped me a big deal to get some sleep for my baby boy, my husband and me!
PD-> Sorry for my bad english and my spelling.
Hugs from Spain.