Friday, October 17, 2008

Time for an Update to My Blog

I decided to clean up the Blog list on the right-hand side. I've added some blogs and deleted ones that haven't posted in months or longer. I hope you'll check out the new additions.

Erin Merryn - I posted about her book awhile back. She actually commented. Then I found out she has a blog. So check it out here.

MSSC54- has commented on my blog a lot. With children and adopted children and grandchildren, lots of parenting insight to be found here.

Check out the new and improved Lynn at Ethereal Highway.


Anonymous said...

Enola; Thanks so much for adding me to your Blogroll! :)

FYI our biological daughters are 28, 24 and 19.

As all parents do when raising I would make mistakes. At times I would be so convicted I would confess to the Lord that if I had to do it all over again that I would do some things differently.

Be careful what you confess to the Lord. lol

We have had our "new kids" since May of '06 and should have the adoption process finished by the first of the year!

They are now four and six years old and such awesome little people.

As a matter of fact we got an email from our four year old's teacher yesterday. There was a substitute teacher and when the sub came into the room, little Porter walked right up to her, stuck out his hand and said "Hi, my name is Porter. Nice to meet you. rofl She said in all her years of teaching she has never seen that (and she's kind of an older teacher). What a hoot!

I think children inherently want to be good. It has been my personal observation that MOST parents these days raise their children by the osmosis and reaction process. They let their kids learn by absorbing things from other kids and then when it is something "not good" the parent(s) react in a negative way.

It's better to take an active and at times a "hands on" approach to raising our children. After all they deserve the best we have to give them.

BTW I will be SEVENTY-TWO years old when our youngest graduates high school! I had forgotten how much fun field trips were. ;)

Lynntaketwo said...

Thanks for the link, {{{{Enola}}}}.