Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're in the Hospital

I'm typing this from the hospital bed with a sick Baby on my lap. Yesterday we had his follow up appt with the gastroenterologist. It went fine. Our pediatrician called us about his thyroid tests while we were on the way to the GI doctor. His levels were still a tiny bit high but coming down.The ped asked how he was and we said he was doing great.

The GI dilated him again - he has anal stenosis and so his sphinctor muscles are tight and need stretching. We left there and because Baby was so happy, Husband and I went to early voting and to eat. When we got home, Baby was starting to get fussy. We gave him his laxative and figured it was just from the appt. Then he got warm. I checked his temp and it was 100.1 rectally. Waited 20 minutes and checked again. Still high. By that time he was really fussy. I called the ped and they said to bring him in. On the way to the peds office, he cried with every movement and every bump in the road. He was really rigid and tense when we got there and screamed if you moved him.

The ped took blood and then a rectal temp - 101.4. So he sent us to the hospital immediately. He later told us that he had seen another baby earlier in the week with similar symptoms that had meningitis. We got here about 4 pm. They took a urine (catheter), more blood, spinal fluid and X-ray. I couldn't go with him except for the x-ray but I could hear him screaming. It was terrible.

I had texted a friend who texted back right as I was left alone in the room. They had taken Baby out for tests and Husband had run to get Daughter and get me some stuff since we figured I was going to be in the hospital awhile. Friend came right over and stayed awhile which was exactly what I needed. Then our pastor and wife came later.

We found out the spinal fluid is clear with pretty much rules out meningitis. The x-ray is clear and urine is clear too. So far cultures are not growing anything, so they suspect a virus. Whew! He is on 2 different IV antibiotics. Still feverish but it is down and he is nursing better. I have a bed in his room and they are feeding me. The nurses were in every hour to check his IV, antibiotics get temp, etc. So I've had zero sleep.

Husband and Daughter both have some sinus infection/cold but Baby has none of those symptoms. Husband dropped Daughter at daycare and ran over to work for a bit. Then he may go home and nap. We don't want him to get worn out and sicker.

A different friend is flying in Wed to stay through Sunday. This was planned weeks ago but the timing is perfect now. I can definitely use an extra set of hands.

Daughter was going through a clingy, jealous, "I want Mommy" phase before this and Daughter said she cried for me last night. Breaks my heart. But she'll come visit today. I was surprised they'd let her but they said it was fine.

We are here through Thursday morn at least. If all cultures clear by then, they'll figure it was a virus and not a bacterial infection.

So far this morning I'm okay. Husband came for a bit and I showered and ate. I've not slept so I should be exhausted by I'm not yet. Anxiety is back down for the most part, but I figure it will creep back up as I go stir crazy. I can see sunlight and trees from the hospital window though.

Sure would appreciate any prayers and good wishes you can send.


Beautiful Dreamer said...

I'm praying that Benjamin will begin to mend, and that you and your hubby will be given the strength you need to deal with this.

Anonymous said...

Don't, for a second, believe that you can't be there while they are running tests (taking blood, etc.) on your baby. IT'S YOUR BABY!!

You must remain calm while they strap him to that little papoos board but you have every right to be there.

However, if you think you will make things worse just let them take him and do what they need to do.

Tamara said...


I am praying for you and Baby and your whole family. Hope that it turns out to be nothing more than a virus.

Many, many hugs sent your way.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Poor little fellow. I have just placed all of you on my daily prayer list.

16 blessings'mom said...

I will be praying for all of you, that baby is okay, and that mommy can endure the exhausting hospital stay. And for Daddy, and big sister, that they can know that God is near....boy, from one day to the next, you never know, do you?

Kahless said...

My thoughts and best wishes ware with you.

{{{Enola and family}}}

lawyerchik said...

You've got both prayers and good wishes from here, Enola! You, baby, husband and daughter! Hang in there. {{{{HUGS}}}}

austin said...

Oh my goodness Enola and I felt sorry for myself because the pup is keeping me up at night. Gracious, I'll be thinking of you and yours.


Anonymous said...


Jesus, hold this family in your arms right now; heal the little one, give rest to mama.

Angel said...

I'm thinking of you all and hoping that it is a virus and you both can go home Thursday. ((Enola))

shannon said...

Oh Enola! ..Praying for you and for baby boy... and hoping that your anxiety isn't too much too handle. That's the last thing you need right now. So glad to hear that help is on the way soon.

shannon said...
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Strong and determined said...


Praying for you and your family.

Lynntaketwo said...

Oh, Enola... I hope you are on your way home by now. You poor things. What a hard situation. I've been thinking of you.