Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bye Bye Maternity Leave

So much for maternity leave? I was scheduled to go back around the first of the year. An opening came up for December 15th at daycare and I reserved Baby's spot. That meant I had 11 weeks of maternity leave and can ease Baby into daycare with the time off around the holidays.

Well, all that changed.......

There is one other attorney in my office who handles domestic cases like me. He has suffered a serious medical emergency and was admitted for surgery late last week. He is still hospitalized and will not be released for quite some time. He will be unable to work through the first of the year. So not only do I have to take my cases back over, but I now have to cover his stuff too.

As I referenced yesterday, the attorney's son works in my office as an attorney too. Obviously the son wants to be with dad, so he is travelling back and forth to stay with Dad and Mom near the hospital.

Another attorney's child was admitted to the hospital with a very serious infection from some hardware she had inserted about a year ago. I guess when you put screws and pins in your body, it invites infection. This mother is out of the office as well.

So with half the office down, the other half is scrambling to cover things. That includes me. I am going to have to work considerably more than I hoped. Luckily Baby takes a long nap most mornings and I can go in with him. I also have a floor full of assistants that don't mind holding Baby some.

I'd really like five more months of maternity leave. Or my original 5 more weeks of maternity leave. But I guess that's not an option. On the positive side, I'll be getting paid (I'll insist on that).
Edited to Add - I am fortunate to work where I do. It's a family atmosphere and we all pull together to do what needs to be done. The partner whose work I'm covering tried really hard to postpone things until I returned. But his health wouldn't permit. He feels bad asking me to cover for him. But I know that were things reversed, he'd gladly do the same for me.


mssc54 said...

Wow, that stinks all around.

On the one hand some might say, "Hire a lawyer to get the maternity leave your baby deserves."

On the other hand... you are the fortunate one that IS able to be out of the hospital with her family.

Fortunately, babies are very resiliant. It's usually we parents who struggle so much.

Maybe that's part of what God meant when He Wrote for to be "childlike."

Lynntaketwo said...

I went back to work when my littlest was three weeks old and I brought her with me. It was tough in some ways, but I didn't have much choice, either. Luckily, I had a very child friendly office and co-workers. Most of my clients didn't seem to mind. She was too little to kick up a fuss. I fed her right there at the conference table and even took her to closings. I had to start juggling schedules with the husband when she got old enough to get cranky from boredom. I knew the time had come when I took her to this one closing where I had to let her have a lollipop to keep the peace and she got sticky slobber all over the furniture. I still thought she was 'coute' ('coute' is the word verification!), but I got a few slightly nasty looks. I still can't do babysitters or daycares unless I want to have a nervous breakdown. It's a paranoia thing. It even extended into sending them to school. Being a mother is very hard for me in a lot of ways.

I'm glad you have nice people at work, Enola. It can make a very big difference. It sure did for me.

Angel said...

Sorry you have to go back early, but I'm glad you have such a cooperative work environment. It's much more pleasant when people pull together to help each other.