Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Gift for my Husband (and me)

I just ordered these for my Husband -

from this site.

It's called the Pee-Pee Teepee. Every night, without fail, my husband gets "surprised." Our son is a bit like the baby in this hilarious commercial -

I have to confess that I got "initiated" to the wonderful world of boys the second night in the hospital. I've learned after that though. It's rare that he gets me now.

Each night when Baby awakens, Husband gets up and changes his diaper while I use the bathroom and get set up to nurse. Without fail, at least once (and often more), I hear "OH NO" from the other room. Yep, Baby has gotten him again. Often Baby hits Daddy, his own head, the floor, the wall, his stuffed bear and the closet door across the room.

So the pee-pee teepee is a gift for my husband. And for me. Because I'm tired of the middle of the night clothing changes and laundry. I ordered them in camoflauge for my Husband-hunter and our Baby, the future hunter.


Ethereal Highway said...

That's funny! It will be funnier when it doesn't make extra laundry, though!

Kahless said...

I hope husband keeps his mouth shut when he changes diaper

Angel said...

lol How funny that your husband--who probably did it himself as a baby--is getting hit now.

Austin said...

That is hi-larious.!!!
I checked out the site and the have little hats...all kinds of little hats. That is too funny. If your son is anything like the kid in the video the hat may not be enough.