Monday, November 24, 2008

Where I've Been, What I've Done & What's in Store

* My brother-in-law was able to get off work unexpectedly for Thanksgiving. So at the last minute, we decided to have them travel down here. I'm excited to see my sister, BIL, niece and two nephews. They will arrive late Wednesday and stay through Sunday afternoon. We're going to the in-laws for Turkey Day.

* I lived approximately 10 days on a dairy-free and gluten free diet. The gluten elimination did nothing. With dairy, I think I'll leave out most of the the main culprits (milk, yogurt, ice cream and cheese) for awhile. I've added in milk based products (whey and casesin) and milk as a lesser ingredient. So far, so good.

* Baby had his 2 month visit today. He's up to 10 1/2 pounds. We decided to stagger/delay his vaccinations. So he just got one shot and one oral vaccine today. He'll get 2 more in two weeks. We also received a prescription for zantac. We are thinking he might have reflux and that may be the issue that keeps him (and us) up at night. Daughter also got her flu shot. She screamed more in anticipation than in getting the shot.

* I left last Friday with Husband and the kids to go to the in-laws. Baby did not sleep AT ALL Friday night. On Saturday, Husband hunted and I laid on the couch, cat-napped, fed Baby and read books. Daughter played with Grammy. We came home Saturday evening.

* Yesterday (Sunday) was nuts. We had to be up and out the door early for Church. I played handbells, Husband was elected deacon and it was my week to count the offerings. Then it was home and back out for our Church Thanksgiving service.

* I love our Thanksgiving service. We start with a huge and wonderful meal. I ate what I wanted as an experiment. Real food never tasted so good. I celebrated with a chocolate fudge, caramel peanut butter coffeecake that was a little slice of heaven. After dinner, we have family style communion where the deacons bring around a loaf of bread to our tables. Then we have an "open mike" where people can talk about what they are thankful for this year.

* We put up our Christmas decorations and it looks quite festive in here. I went grocery shopping today and $200 later think I'm ready for the guests.

* Tomorrow I have to cook a green bean casserole for Thanksgiving lunch at Work. We all bring stuff and the firm provides ham and turkey. It's delicious.

* I got terribly aggravated at Husband for (1) disappearing Saturday night to go sleep on the couch with our dog who was slightly injured hunting, leaving me to handle Baby; (2) not keeping up with Daughter at Church even though I asked him to take care of her while I kept up with Baby; and (3) not reading the literature on vaccinations, then questioning me about my decisions.

* I'm having a lot of panic type symptoms and flashbacks. I think I've remembered most things regarding Toilet so at least the flashbacks aren't new memories. I seem to remember this time of year being tough last year but I can't put my finger on why.


mssc54 said...

All that sounds great but you neglected to finish one thing...

Did hubby bring home anything from the hunt?

DM said...

MSSC54...spoken like a true member of PITA

(People for the Eating of Tasty Animals)

Enola, sounds like you had a FULL weekend....those large shopping trips to the grocery store are hard on the check book, but boy is it fun to have the cupboards full of food.... are you still off coffee or have you been able to include that in your list of accepted food group items? :-)

April_optimist said...

I'm smiling at the good things you're describing. So glad you'll get to see your sister and her family. And it's nice your church did that yesterday. Mine also did a potluck Thanksgiving dinner but no open mike--which would have been a great idea.

PS Thanks for the question you asked me on my last post. It was exactly what I needed to refocus my thinking.

Ethereal Highway said...

Maybe the panic and flashbacks from now and last year are because holidays were added stress on top of toilet's piggishness when the abuse was going on? I have them at certain times without concrete explanations, too, but I don't think I have most of my memories, so it might be different. The other stuff sounds pretty good, though, Enola. It usually helps me a bit when I can look around and say, "Yeah, but I'm still taking care of things, so I must be okay." You, too, maybe?