Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Change in Plans

I had intended to be packing to leave for my sister's house today. But plans have changed. My husband started coughing and hacking. When he took my daughter into the doctor for a rash (nothing serious), he asked about the cough she's had for 2 weeks. The doctor also heard Husband hacking and sniffling. The doctor remarked that Husband and Daughter likely had RSV. In older children and adults, it typically stays as a cold without complications. However, they can pass it on to others, including back on to Baby.

On Sunday I started noticing pain in my ear. By Monday it was quite painful. Neither tylenol nor ibuprofen helped. So I called to get into the doctor. My other ear was aching then too. Turns out I have an ear infection. It's a virus so no antibiotics. But I do have pain meds, numbing drops and a steroid/anti-inflammatory. The doctor said that adult ear infections are pretty painful because the ear drum pushes out and gets hit by air which causes pain. I have been keeping cotton in my ear which helps keep the drops in, as well as the cold air out.

Then my sister called. She is almost recovered from pneumonia and just has a lingering cough. However, her daughter has bronchitis. And her youngest son, who was hospitalized with RSV as a baby, still suffers from asthma. To protect everyone, we decided to postpone our trip to February. I'm really sad about it. I'll also miss getting together with my blog buddy - although I'm hopeful she can come in February.

So with that change of plans, we had to juggle. We had signed for Daughter to be out Wed and Friday. However, there were going to be enough teachers to meet ratio, so she can go. We had already had the in-laws take the dog back to their house (they are our dog-sitters). So I suggested Husband (yes, I suggested) go in hunting. He gets really irritable when restricted inside for long. So it will do us both good for him to get out. We decided I would go into work today, and he would stay home. It let him rest some too and hopefully heal from his cold. Thursday is family day. Then Friday he'll leave work a bit early and go into his folks and hunt then through Saturday. He'll bring the dog back with him. I miss Tallie dog. But I know she has thoroughly enjoyed running around all the land at the in-laws. They spoil her rotten too.

I've invited some girlfriends over to scrapbook Friday night. Saturday I plan to go through Daughter's room and organize her toys. Plus sleep!

Husband and I stopped doing the strict stay up in shifts schedule. Baby has coughing fits but not bad. We now just take turns being "in charge" of Baby. The person in charge sleeps on the couch with Baby on or near us. It's that light sleep that parents learn to do. Last night I woke Husband up to switch at 1 am since I was working. He went to bed at 7 tonight. I'll try to let him sleep a bit longer since he is working tomorrow.

I've got several posts ruminating in my head so going to work on them now.

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Ah, yes! The best plans of mice and men... and all that!

Happy New Year, my friend, to you and yours!

May you be blessed much happiness and many joys in 2009!