Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Cheer

We had to be flexible with tradition this year. Baby's illness made things a bit tricky. But we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

On Christmas Eve Husband took the 2 am - 8 am shift. So I got to sleep and then wake up and try to get ready. We did our last advent calendar day. Then we packed up the car and hit the road. With one stop to change and nurse Baby, we made it there without much fuss. I mostly stayed in the corner rocking chair with baby. Husband took Daughter outside. We did not have a white Christmas - it was remarkably warm. Good thing because Husband forgot Daughter's coat at daycare...again....she now has 3 there and none at home.

We didn't get to go visiting this year. Husband's aunts and uncles are getting older and since RSV is dangerous in the elderly, we opted to skip visiting. I also didn't want to take Baby to the nursing home. We had really wanted to visit a cousin who just had a baby, but decided not to share the germs.

We did go to the family gathering. We called everyone and cleared it with them. Daughter would have been so disappointed if she couldn't go. I stayed in the corner mostly. There were 7 kids there ranging from Baby (3 months) to oldest cousin (age 8). It was mass chaos. We tried to have the children take turns opening gifts but they weren't having it. They took advantage of adults trying to talk and catch up with family. In 5 minutes there was wrapping paper knee high and demands to help get the toys out of the packages.

Speaking of packages, can someone tell me why manufacturers find the need to tie every single little piece with twisty tie wire? Then tape. Then strings attached to the box. UGH! It took forever to get things open. The Little Pet Shop house was the worst. I've swept twice and I know there are still strings and ties everywhere.

We drove home Christmas Eve night with Daughter watching the sky for Santa's sleigh and Daddy watching the side of the road for stray (rein)deer.

When we got home we finished the "What God wants for Christmas book" and learned that box number 7 held a mirror, showing that God wants us for Christmas. Then Daddy read the Christmas story from the Bible and he and Daughter went to bed. Of course we left milk and cookies for Santa, and carrots for Rudolph.

Santa Claus came during the sleep shift change. Boy did he make a mess coming down the chimney. There was soot and boot prints on the hearth!. He also snuck into Daughter's bedroom and put two presents underneath the small tree in her room.

I knew I would not get to sleep in until 8 Christmas morning. I was pleasantly surprised that Daughter slept until 7:15. We made her wait to walk down the hall until we were ready with the camera. She was SO excited. We opened stockings and then had cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast. Then back for more presents. The in-laws came about 11 and we had more presents. Then lunch and playtime.

Baby slept through most of it. I did get some good pictures of him in camoflage jammies, holding his lifetime hunting/fishing license and webkinz deer! Daughter baked Jesus a birthday cupcake in her Easy Bake Oven and we sang Happy Birthday.

I played Pet Shop doll house, legos, a pet shop board game, cooties, made cupcakes in the Easy Bake overn, helped Daughter on her pink laptop computer, assembled a fisher price crib aquarium and washed three loads of laundry so everyone could wear their new clothes. It was so warm, that Husband and Daughter played outside awhile.

Last night I got to play with my scrapbook software that I received. I am going to have to spend some time learning it. Daughter loved the storybook scrapbook I made her. She insisted I read it to her four times. Her favorite pages are the story of her birth, along with the song I made up to sing to her.

We called my Sister and heard all about her kids' Christmases. We'll drive up there to see them next week if Baby is better. We also heard from my Mom. She sent Baby a handmade quilt. She makes them for each of the grandkids. She ordered an apron with Daughter's name on it and then wrote out some recipes in a spiral bound notebook for her. Also bought them two dollar store toys. She told me the neighbors had invited her and Toilet over after finding out they were not going anywhere or having visitors. Can't imagine the sob story told there. Mom declined but they brought over food anyway. That was good. Money is tight with Toilet out of work still and they have trouble meeting bills.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. The best was still listening to the Church choir with Baby nestled in my arms and Daughter leaning on me. And now I'm being summoned to play Cootie. Anyone remember that?


Kahless said...

Glad you had a wonderful christmas. Sounds wonderful how you described it.

And I have never heard of cootie.

prochaskas said...

I had Cootie when I was little -- or something called that, anyway -- it involved making cooties (looked like ants) out of various pieces...

I was really pleased with the Plan Toy dollhouse stuff packages -- very minimal packaging, and no ties or wires or strings. With other things I've started opening packages -- if I'm sure we won't be exchanging or returning them -- and getting out the toys and wrapping them simply in a plain box or bag so there's nothing to do when they're opened.

Enola said...

Kahless - the cootie game is as described below. You built a "cootie" which is an ant-looking bug -

Amy - I might have to start opening things early and wrapping them. Although that will help Daughter avoid getting impatient, it won't help me avoid the frustration of the stupid strings.

cornnut32 said...

i love cootie! i played it all the time growing up.

i was pleasantly surprised with the toys we got for our baby. there were twist ties---but the way they were done, it was very easy and fast to get the toys out of the box.

i hope your baby gets better quickly! rsv is scary.

Kahless said...

Cheers for the link Enola!