Friday, December 19, 2008

General Update

The Blog Carnival will be up later today. I'll post a link when it posts. Be sure to check it out.

Hunting won. Husband is going tonight after work. So I'll pick the kids up and get them home and fed. Then he's leaving, later in the evening to go to his folks to hunt all day tomorrow. At least he is taking my Daughter. She'll enjoy hanging out with Grammy and baking cookies and stuff. And I'll get a break - well a break from 2 children so that I might possibly get the house ready for the holidays and visitors. I told Husband how I felt. He disagrees with everything. He has convinced himself that he does equally and does not put hunting first. I can't make him see things differently so it's either put up with his moping around or make the best of it. I told him that if he insisted on hunting, he could at least leave tonight and not wake me up at 6 am to go in the morning. I also told him that he was not obligated to come to my sister's. It was his choice. If he CHOSE to use vacation time to travel with us, then I didn't ever want to hear that brought up in an argument. He decided he'd come along.

I'm working on a mom post. Blech. Holidays bring out the worst in our relationship.

I'm lounging in my pajamas still. Husband took the kids to daycare. I've got two breakfast casseroles baking in the oven. Today is the day the associates fix breakfast for the entire office as our Christmas present to them. I hope the casseroles turn out well. It's my "secret" recipe (see below).

It is in the SIXTIES here. Ugh. I've lived in this region for over 10 years. I'll still never get used to this weather around Christmas. I want snow, darn it.

Daughter has a horrible cough. I pray she isn't getting sick. I laid my head on her chest this morning and she seems to be breathing fine. No wheezing and heart rate is normal. At least I think it is. Hard to tell because she kept giggling at me lying on her chest listening.

Baby isn't sleeping at daycare. They aren't allowed, by state regulations, to let him sleep in a swing or bouncy seat. So they put him in a crib and then he wakes up. He's only been up 1-2 times a night though. He had NINE messy diapers yesterday. Hope he isn't getting sick either. I should work on getting him to sleep on his own at home. But at 4 am, I'll do anything to get him to go back to sleep, including letting him sleep on me. And I plan to definitely nap with him sleeping on me tomorrow. It's my most favorite thing in the world.

I should know better than to shave when mad. I cut my legs to pieces last night. Which relieved the anger and pain....Which reminded me of SI and why I used to do it.

I guess I really ought to get dressed. I put my hair up in a ponytail this morning. I will tell people that I pulled it back because I am cooking and don't want hair to get in the food. Really it's because I didn't want to take time to do it.

My best moment of the day so far. Holding Baby and nursing him. He pops off and gives me a huge, milky smile. Daughter comes in to do her advent calendar. I ask her how many days until Christmas. She concentrates real hard and counts, then goes running out to the kitchen, "Daddy, only 6 days until Sand-y Clause." I love her excitement.

Breakfast Casserole - can be made the night before and cooked in morning.

1 package (1 pound) of sausage
12-18 eggs
1 cup milk
salt and pepper to taste (not too much salt because chips add salt)
16 oz (1 package) of shredded cheese - I use cheddar
Add onions, peppers, mushrooms or anything else you want
Crushed potato chips

Spray casserole dish with cooking spray. Crush up chips and line bottom.
Brown sausage and drain grease. Layer on top of chip crust. Sprinkle cheese over sausage.
In bowl beat eggs and spices. Add any veggies you want. Pour mixture over cheese.
Refrigerate overnight or bake immediately - 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes (until bubbly)


lawyerchik said...

That breakfast casserole sounds good, Enola. I might "have" to make that this weekend to use up the eggs before I leave for my trip. :)

I hope you have a good afternoon, Enola. Rest, warm fuzzy time with Baby, and maybe some comfort and joy to go along with it. Don't work too hard!!

Angel said...

That's a neat trick your husband has. As long as he keeps pretending he doesn't see it, he can't be bothered to try to work on it. And he also gets to keep your attention because you might try to keep convincing him.

Those are wonderful moments with your son. I hope you are able to have more of those this weekend where you can concentrate on him.

Ethereal Highway said...

Don't worry, Enola. In a house with two children and a mom who works, you will eventually get your revenge. :-) He obviously needs assistance in seeing how hard it is alone and that he doesn't do his fair share. Got any out of town conferences coming up? Got a housekeeper who needs a vacation around the same time? No? Well... I think you could always pump lots of milk and store it in the freezer and then take off for the weekend anyway. And don't do anything before leaving that he didn't do for you before HE left. Did he make dinners ahead and put them in the freezer before he went hunting? Did he go shopping to make sure no one runs out of anything? Did he fill the car with gas, clean the house, or do the laundry first? Then you don't have to either. Somehow I think you will tell me that he would dump the kids off on his mom if you did that. If he does, make sure you tell him that he did it because he can't be bothered himself and because he is having trouble growing up enough to have some healthy separation from his parents. Call his bluff on that.

You both work now. Does he ever cook dinner or wash the family's clothes? No? Actions speak louder than words, especially for men who won't listen. You could do everyone's laundry except for his. You could cook for the children and yourself. I hate to say it, but I would flip right the freak out on a guy like that. I'd go all George Jefferson-style spastic in his face. I'd kick his butt so hard he'd be wearing it as a backpack. Some people will get away with anything they can and they don't try to get real in their relationship until they have no choice, but sometimes it's too late by then. My ex-husband was like that. I imagine he probably still is, but that's his new wife's problem now (I hear she's so depressed that she can't survive without medication though she's never been depressed before). By the time I was fed up with that guy, there wasn't ANYTHING he could have done or changed that would have made me be able to look at him without wanting to push his face in. Does your husband realize how unsatisfied you are with this current situation? Maybe he doesn't.

Rising Rainbow said...

So, Enola, about the hunting thing...have you thought about equal time for you. You probably wouldn't resent his hunting so much if you got an equivalent break of something special for yourself.

The breakfast casserole sounds great.