Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Morning Gratitude

I'm borrowing this idea from Austin. This Monday morning I am grateful that -

  • There are only 2 work days this week. And next too.
  • I got up the nerve to apply for that other job, and I have an interview mid-January.
  • That my job is flexible enough that if Baby is still coughing and fussy when I call to check in after my 10 appt, I can go get him.
  • I got caught up on sleep this weekend, thanks to a good night's sleep Friday and naps both days.
  • I accepted the invitation to go to a friend's for an impromptu pot-luck celebration. It was lots of fun and I got to really sit down and chat with some good friends. I also planned an outing for December 26th.
  • The Christmas musical at church yesterday. Nothing (and I mean nothing) is better than holding my baby boy in one hand, having my daughter lie her head on my lap and listening to wonderful Christmas music. It made me realize how truly blessed I am.
  • My mother-in-law's cooking. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered peanut butter Ritz crackers, vegetable pizza, cheese ball, fudge, mini-ham and cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches......thank goodness Christmas is only once a year.
  • For being assigned to bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the family gathering - since I have the youngest child this year, I get the easy job!
  • For in-laws that will take care of Tallie so we don't have to board her while we go to my sister's.
  • For a baby who has learned to grab things in his fists and delighted all of us by playing peek-a-boo.
  • For a Husband who didn't laugh (at least not in front of me) when the deceased's relative showed up to avenge his honor. He might have been smaller but that sucker was quick. Not as quick as my valiant husband, who at my shrieks, swooped in with a tissue and squished him with his fingers (yuck).


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Gratitude in the morning and thanksgiving at night are two very potent spiritual disciplines!

Blessings, Enola, my dear friend!

Ethereal Highway said...

I like the part about getting caught up on sleep.

beautifuldreamer said...

I like gratitude entries, they help balance everything out.

Kahless said...

And I am glad you applied for the other job cos it keeps your options open.

quacks like a duck said...

Pot luck with friends is my favorite from your list. The older I get the more I appreciate my good friends.
And having employment options is always a good feeling.
Merry Christmas!