Monday, December 29, 2008

My Gift to You this Year

I wish I could give each of my blogger-buddies friends a present for the new year. So in the spirit of true virtual reality, here is my gift to each of you (in no particular order).

To 16 Blessings - sleepy vibes for Camille so she will sleep through the night, eyes in the back of her head to watch Charlotte Claire, safe travel for Emily as she is travelling this year, good health for all of her children, and a peace that passes all understanding as she and her husband manage (quite well, I might add) the challenges of having 16 children.

To Beauty - rock salt so she won't have any more falls on the ice, successful sales of her beautiful softies, and an instant transporter so she can escape from her house while her mother is visiting next door. Also blessings for each of her children and grandchildren, and especially for Tim in his continued recovery. And peace in her new "snug."

To Marcy - quick and nimble hands for her dulcimer playing, continued determination as she works on projects like this (her stick-with-it attitude is so admirable), and of course, patience and tranquility as her daughter enters the "terrible" twos.

To Strong & Determined - best wishes as she starts her new blog. As well as a gift of technical knowledge as she gets it up and running.

To Tamara - what can I give her that she hasn't already given herself? Her progress in healing is the best gift. I wish her the best as she pursues her new studies of Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and EFT. Oh and a warm heater that runs on something other than electric to keep her warm this winter when the electric goes out.

To Mike - the gift to continue his inspirational efforts to reach out to survivors and their family everywhere with his Survivor Network.

To Erin - success in her graduate studies and publishing success with her new book.

To Lynn - the antidote to writers' block and the gift of wisdom and discernment in her stock trading efforts. Also a blissfull night's sleep, full of peaceful and happy dreams.

To Rindy - strength in her journey, protection for her and her boys, and that her Walls Down Church will be a blessing and inspiration for everyone that enters its doors (can a Church without walls have a door?)

To Maia - continued success in meeting her weekly goals, the ability to take some time off from work and leave it at the office, soccer goals for all the siblings and continued healing as she and her family mourn the loss of their sibling Ceyja.

To DM - good weather for his work, calm nerves as he prepares to teach a class, organized thoughts as he works on his book. For Mrs. DM, patience as she deals with Mr. DM (kidding!!), strength for her back. And for both of them, continued blessings for them and their family.

To JIP - clarity of direction as she continues her journey. Continued success, including her remarkable ability to not let life get her down. Empowerment as she continues to stand up for herself and her littles. And strength as she is a single mom to her wonderful children.

To Kahless - peace at work (no more job reviews), a year of no necessary home repairs (especially those involving water or electricity), and an escape hatch from the negativity and funk she finds herself in.

To Keepers and JM - health and happiness. No more injured shoulders or stomach bugs. The financial ability to keep KK going. And continued success in her remarkable ability to find positive life lessons in all circumstances (like here).

To Angel - fruitcake and eggnog since she has had neither, and peace in the daily cat war that continues in her home.

To Lynx - good health for Nimbus, Mr. Cat and Curzon. Also continued success in her writing endeavors.

To Mssc - continued healing from the loss of his son-in-law, Sgt. Buddy James Hughie and blessings as he continues in his unique roll of being both a Poppop and Daddy.

To Cassie - to one of my youngest blogging buddies, I give you a compass to guide your way in life, and prayers that the peace you discovered during your time in Texas continues.

To Lawyerchik - my fellow attorney, I wish you a magic fairy who will pay off your school loans and fulfill your billable hour quota. Barring that I wish you direction and peace in your job - and protection from oversize anonymous gifts.

To Kim - my best blogging buddy - you and I have been through a lot of up and downs together. You have come so very far. I'm amazed. I wish you continued success on your journey, especially as you try to pull strings with the Renfrow Center. I wish you continued peace in your role as mother to your beautiful and wonderful daughter. And a gift I know you will appreciate - a magical visit to your daughter from the poo-poo fairy!!

To RR - I wish you Arabian horses in a 5 star facility, lots of time spent riding your horses with the wind rushing by, health and healing for you (and your animal menagerie). Also peace in the relationship with her daughter.

To Nick and Alex - for Nick a never-ending supply of oxygen in a tank that never ends, wisdom and endless patience in dealing with the VA officials, and lots of visits from his children and grandchildren. For Alex, a warm place to sleep, a magical machine that makes that "icky white stuff" disappear, and lots of kitty treats (plus a sudden absence of any desire to attack the "nose hose").

To Marj - a continued escape from the Dissociative Twilight Zone, healing from her infection of cyber klutziness, and healing from the pain of body memories. Selfishly I wish her an influx of assistance with hosting upcoming episodes of the Blog Carnival against Child Abuse (because I enjoy it so much).

To Austin - continued success in the sale of her beautiful artwork, peace in the land of Fife-living and wisdom in find new living quarters if that need arises. Also, health and peace among her feline and canine companions. Also for freedom from triggers and that she will continue to be the awe-inspiring "free one," whose butt-kicking powers I admire.

For April - that her son will thrive in his new home, lots of inspiration for her writing career, and a continuation of the freedom from the triggers of guilt and shame.


For myself, I wish for health for my children, and especially my son. A good start in kindergarten this fall for my daughter - and a sense of peace as I deal with realizing that my "baby girl" is growing up enough to start school. I would like a renewed closeness in my marriage and discernment in knowing when to speak and when to hold my tongue. Also direction in my career path.

To all of us, I wish health and blessings, freedom from the after-effects of abuse and safety in all areas of life.

Happy New Year Everyone ! See you in 2009!


beauty said...

Ah, thanks Enola, this is such an encouraging and sweet post! And to you for the new year I wish:

For some resolution to the friction caused by your hubby's obsession with hunting.

Good health for your children, with many good nights' sleep thrown in for their tired parents.

The wisdom to know what to let go of and what to stand firm on...

...and that your confusion regarding the new job offer will all work itself out, and you will see a definite path open up before you to lead you in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

And I echo Beauty's wish, and yours, for continued improvement in your marriage as you and he deal with the tough stuff.

Kim said...

Thank you, my friend! That was so beautiful for you to send such personal well wishes to everyone.

cornnut32 said...

i wish you joy! even if for just a few moments, complete joy with nothing else on your mind, in your heart, or behind the scenes.

Maia said...

Thanks for the blessings! Take care,

Ethereal Highway said...

You're sweet, {{{Enola}}}.

Kahless said...

This is a really touching post.



and I wish you and yours a wonderful 2009.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful person you are to go to such lengths for your "blogly" (my made up word for blog family).

Thanks so much.

And for you I wish proper order and an "unveiling"...


Rebecca said...


Thanks so much for your well wishes. I do hope to get a new blog up and running soon. It looks like I'll be going through a divorce soon, and my husband having access to that blog was just complicating things too much for me. I've REALLY appreciated your support as I work through the healing process.

Happy New Year to you and I'll be praying blessings for you and your family!
-Strong and Determined

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks for remembering me with the gifts! Alex says "purrrrrrrrrrrr."

Rindy Walton said...

Thank you. and blessing to you this year--may it be a great one!

austin said...

Thank you E :-) <--- that is a smile from the heart, a large warm smile.