Monday, December 1, 2008

What to Do at 4 am........

What should you do when Baby wakes you at 2:30 am and you finally get him back to sleep at 4 am, only to find yourself wide awake? Oh, and everyone else in the house is asleep so you'd better not make any noise.
- write blog posts to be published in the future (this post being a case in point).
- look through the latest "I Can Has Cheezburger" pictures and try not to laugh so loudly that you wake Baby up.
- Catch up on all your blog post reading. Catch up on your online forums.
- Send emails to family updating them on Baby's stats from his 2 month appointment. (He's 10 lbs, 13 oz and 21 1/2 inches long).
- Pay bills. Contemplate doing some online Christmas shopping, but realize after paying bills that there is no money to shop.
- Read all those sites you've bookmarked and meant to read but never have. Try to remember why you bookmarked some.
- Play online games. Beat your high score. Wonder if getting 11,000 in pathwords means you are smart. Decide to feed your daughter's Webkinz and get caught up playing with them (shh, don't tell her).
- Yawn...a LOT. Think about how tired you will be later. Pray that the Baby will nap later (of course he will - when you run errands and can't nap). Pray the laxative will give Baby relief (of course it will - right in the middle of the luncheon at work).
- Watch infomercials. Wonder if those green bags really do make your fruits and vegetables last longer. Contemplate buying some but realize wallet with credit card info is in the other room. Decide getting off the couch to go get it is too much effort.
- Realize that your husband who was SUPPOSED to take the middle of the night, crying baby shift, but who, after 1 hour, couldn't get the baby to calm down thereby making you unable to sleep and resulting in this post, has overslept. So much so that your preschooler is awake. So to get revenge, you send your preschooler in to wake up Daddy - by JUMPING on him.

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Angel said...

That is sooo bad--and sooo funny!