Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 Things I Like about Me

April, just as her name says, is truly an optimist. She invites all of us to play along by identifying 10 things I like about myself. It's really a great exercise. So here are mine, in no particular order -

1. I have great, healthy hair. Seriously, my hairdresser told me. It's due to the prenatal vitamins I take. Plus during my pregnancy and subsequent maternity leave, I left it alone. No hair dryer, no curling iron, no styling products. Sure it was in a ponytail most days, but it is healthy.

2. I have no fear of public speaking (as long as I'm not getting personal).

3. I'm pretty smart, intellectually at least.

4. I am a good scrapbooker.

5. I'm a good mom.

6. I make a mean box of brownies. My friends always ask me to bring my "secret brownie recipe" to gatherings. Little do they know it is a store brand box mix (shh don't tell).

7. I read outloud very well, especially children's stories. With lots of inflection and different voices.

8. I'm a darn good swimmer.

9. I'm quick to figure a way "out" when need be. Even if I don't always act on it.

10. I'm protective of others, especially my family. I'll fight tooth and nail for something I believe in or someone that needs it.

So, what do you like about yourself? It's much harder to come up with things you like about yourself rather than others. But it is good to take some pride in yourself, and give yourself a break from beating up on yourself.


DM said...

This is a healthy activity. I came across a similiar activity in a post tramatic stress workbook where you were supposed to list your strengths. Once you give yourself permission to think in these terms and you're not doing this with a haughty's a good list
1. I am a reasonably good money manager
2. great active listener
3. love to think "outside the box"
4. Loyal husband
5. have a great sense of humor
6. I tend to be optomistic
7. hard worker
8. good teacher
9 willing to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow
10. life long learner- love to read and explore life

lawyerchik said...

Good for you, Enola! I can totally see those qualities in you (except for the scrapbooking, the brownies and the swimming, which are kinda hard to see online!).

Marj aka Thriver said...

After reading your last two posts, all I can say is, "Yay, Enola!" You rock, girl! :)

Anonymous said...

1. I'm a very good daddy.
2. I can stick with something even when it is difficult.
3. I look for ways to make my wife's day easier.
4. I am help those in need.
5. I volunteer my time.
6. I do good work.
7. I'm pretty good at first grade home work!
8. I befriend young people easily.
9. I read out loud very well.
10. I've kept my own business going since 1985!

April_optimist said...

What a great list! I love it. And I love your post about shoes. ;-)

Rising Rainbow said...

This looks like a great list, enola. I'll bet you're great at the kids books. Kids always like that extra effort of an "active" reader.