Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Mommy Part 2 - No June Cleaver Here

Baby had his 4 month appointment today. He was up 4 times last night and fussy. Screaming in pain. I figured it was his usual GI issues. No big deal

The nurse comes in and says, "he's warm." She takes his temp and he has a slight fever. Then he sneezes. Daycare said he had sneezed a lot. And I did notice he was stuffed up and had to suction him several times. The sneeze produced green snot. I mentioned the green eye gook that had matted his eyes shut this morning.

Lo and behold, he has an ear infection and an eye infection. So two prescriptions, 1 dose of tylenol, and no shots later, we are home.

On the good front, my baby is growing well - up to over 13 pounds. And......when I laid him on his stomach to better play with the crinkly paper on the doctor table (which he loved), he rolled over!!! Way to go my boy!

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Poor little fellow! I pray he heals fast.