Friday, January 9, 2009

A Day in my Life

Bbbbrrriiinnnggg The alarm goes off at 6:15. Husband jumps out of bed, hits the alarm clock. I roll over and pull the covers over my head. Husband goes into Daughter's room and sings to her "Goodmorning Starsearch." She whines. Husband goes into the bathroom and starts to get ready.

The alarm goes off again. Husband comes in and hits the clock again. I grab Baby and start to nurse him. Daughter comes in for her morning snuggles. Husband goes in the kitchen and makes his lunch.

The alarm goes off the third time. Daughter says, "I'll get it!" SLAM - she slaps the top of the alarm clock, giggling. Husband walks in and turns it off. Daughter gets back in bed. I continue to nurse Baby. Daughter and I snuggle.

Baby finishes nursing. I burp him. Daughter laughs when he burps and says, "Good one Bugaboo (his nickname)." I hand Baby to Husband. Husband goes to change his diaper. I walk Daughter into her room and pull out the clothes that we picked out Sunday night and put in her labelled clothes divider. She starts to get dressed. I go into the bathroom and wash up. I turn on my curling iron.

I remind Husband to give Baby his medicine. He goes to do that and to get something out for Daughter's breakfast. She's moving slowly today. She comes into the bathroom to brush her teeth. I help her wash her face and I pull her hair up. I finish doing my makeup and hair. I take my medicine, notice I am out of one kind, and call in a refill.

Husband brings Baby to me. I assist with the medication. He tells me Baby is out of medication. I call in that refill, remembering that I meant to transfer it to my pharmacy. I take Baby into living room and turn on Baby Crack (I mean Baby Einstein) and put Baby in his vibrating seat. Daughter goes in to sit down next to him. I go back into the bathroom and finish up, then go into bedroom and get dressed.

Husband kisses everyone goodbye, verifies that he is doing child pickup, and heads out the door. I walk out and start my car, taking the bottles, changes of clothes, blankets, my lunch bag, breastpump and my purse. While the car is warming up, I come back inside and put on my jewelry. I gather up Daughter, putting her unfinished breakfast into a bag. I grab a juice for her, put Baby into his carseat, pick him up and jiggle him while grabbing my bottled water. Out the door we go.

I help Daughter get buckled in, and put Baby's carseat into the base. Off we go. Daughter and I have our prayer time as we commute to daycare. Baby cries. Daughter gives him his boppy (pacifier). Then she wants to listen to the "rain song" and designate what parts she sings and what parts I sing. I try to keep up with the instructions, but my brain isn't functioning yet. I try to remember not to run any red lights today. Baby falls asleep in his car seat.

We pull up to daycare. I grab Baby in his carseat, the bottles, blankets and changes of clothes and remind Daughter to hold onto my coat as we walk across the parking lot. We go into her classroom. I lay her clothes and blanket in her cubby, sign her in, say hi to her teacher, remind her to wash her hands and kiss her goodbye. I lay the carseat in the hall, unbuckle Baby, wrap him in a blanket and take him outside, up the sidewalk to his class. Unload bottles, wash his hands with a wipe, fill out his form, sign him in, kiss him goodbye and leave.

I get in the car, turn on some pumping music to distract myself from missing the kids, try to get into work mode and wake up. Drink bottle of water. Get to work, grab my stuff, grab coffee, take the elevator upstairs, telling myself that I'll walk up tomorrow.

Sit down, check email, open mail, check voice mail. Go heat up water for oatmeal. Eat oatmeal at desk while pumping and surfing internet. Work, work, work.
Pump again while eating lunch and reading blogs. Comment on blogs one-handed. Work, work, work. One afternoon can of diet caffeinated soda while I get past the post-lunch drowsiness. Pump again, while chatting with friend on IM, work, work. Telephone Husband to be sure he is doing pickup because I can't remember what we decided. Husband says the guys went out for lunch so he's not hungry for supper.

Clock strikes 5 pm. Head home, stopping by pharmacy to get my medicine. Get home, get mail, let dog in, lug in pump kit, lunch bag, purse and coat. Notice it is 5:15. Walk in bedroom to get out of high heels and work clothes. Decide to run through shower and put on pajamas since not going out tonight. Back in kitchen and start dinner. While cooking I put in a load of laundry and make the bottles for tomorrow. Make extra supper to have for lunch tomorrow. Plan what we are having for supper tomorrow.

Husband comes home. He goes to change clothes. I send Daughter to wash up. I grab Baby and love all over him. Hold Baby while serving dinner. Husband rocks Baby and plays with him while Daughter and I eat. Baby cries. I nurse Baby while finishing up my supper. Husband showers.

I put Baby in his crib to look at his mobile because he is gassy. I clean up supper. Husband gets out of bath. Husband gathers receipts and writes down the days debits. I run water for Daughter's bath and walk in to check on Baby. The smell tells me that wiggling in his crib has, once again, done the trick. Grab baby, strip off diaper, fill up baby bathtub and bathe Baby. Husband and Daughter come in to look at Baby who is smiling, cooing and laughing in his bath. We all agree he is the cutest baby ever. I take Baby into his room to get dressed. Husband helps Daughter wash up. Husband notices smell in Baby's room and empties diaper pail.

Husband takes Baby. I help Daughter comb her hair. I switch laundry. I pause an extra 10 minutes in the basement where it is quiet. Ahh...appreciate the quiet. Back upstairs to fold laundry. Husband is rocking Baby who is now asleep. I pause to admire the sight of my Husband and Baby. Nothing cuter.

Daughter wants to play. She gets out her littlest pet shop toys. I get on the floor, swearing that we really need to get a rug because hardwoods are really hard. I play with Daughter. Husband puts Baby (asleep) in his swing and runs out to pick up Baby's prescription which is still at a different pharmacy than mine. Daughter wants a snack. I get her cookies. She lays cookies down to grab her toy. Dog grabs cookies. Daughter screams. Dog growls. I yell at dog. Baby wakes up.

I hold Baby and play with Daughter. 7:30 rolls around. I help Daughter clean up. I send her to brush teeth. I go into Daughter's room and sit on bed. I try not to fall asleep. Daughter comes in and tells me that she laid out my toothbrush, put toothpaste on it, and laid out a cup. I wonder what I did to deserve such a thoughtful little girl. Daughter picks out 3 books. Daughter, Baby and I say our prayers. I read three books. Baby starts fussing toward end. Tuck Daughter under covers and kiss her. Turn on her nightlight and music.

Take Baby in his room and change diaper. Husband comes home and switches laundry. Lays clean clothes in hamper on living room floor. Looks at it, looks at me. I say, "leave it." He smiles. Husband goes and gets bills. I get out computer. I pay online bills. Husband pays bills that need to be mailed.

I get Baby's medicine. Baby lays and kicks. Husband and I laugh and smile at him. Baby cries. I nurse baby while reading my Bible reading outloud to him. Daughter yells from other room, "Mommy I forgot to button my top button of my pajamas." I yell back, "that's okay. Go to sleep."

Lay baby down. Think about folding laundry. Look at Husband. We decide they can wait. Baby cries. Husband takes Baby in other room and says "I hate this outfit. It's a pain." Baby is sniffly. Husband asks where the booger sucker is. I tell him and mention that he ought to use the saline spray first. Husband says, "I will get it and bring it in for you to do." I say, "Sure make me the bad guy." He brings saline spray in. I spray and suck. Husband says, "that's your mommy with the booger sucker - not me." I smack him playfully. We both laugh. Baby screams. Husband pops paci in his mouth and picks him up. Baby starts to spit up. Husband asks if there is a burp cloth out here. I say no, they are in his room. Husband uses his shirt.

Baby starts to doze. Husband laughs loudly at something on TV. Baby startles. Husband jiggles baby back to sleep. Husband and I discuss what we need to do tomorrow. We remember his parents are coming up to keep the kids while we go out Saturday. Parents call to discuss plans. Husband asks who will take Daughter to a friend's birthday party at a gymnastics place. I debate which is worse - grocery shopping and housecleaning with Baby or a two hour party of 5 year olds at a gym. Decide I'm better at grocery shopping. Husband says he'd rather do the party. Good - decision made.

Yawn - it's 9 pm. I brush my teeth, noticing that brush is laid out with toothpaste on it and cup is by sink full of water. Feel thankful again for thoughtful daughter. Husband and I hit the bed. Say our prayers, tuck Baby in. Zonk.

Midnight - baby cries. I nudge Husband. He takes Baby and changes diaper. I doze. He comes in and nudges me. I nurse Baby and fall asleep. Husband starts snoring. I wake up, burp Baby and put Baby back in his crib. We repeat this at 3 am. I have trouble falling back asleep. Lay there awake for an hour thinking of all I have to do. I finally fall asleep.

And then Bbbbbrrrriiiinnngggg - it is 6:15 again.


mssc54 said...

I may show my male ignorance here but can't you leave the breast pump at work?

One of the best things we had done to my wife's car is to put a remote start on it. That way we can start it from inside and let it warm up and remain locked until we are ready to load up.

Gosh... I so don't miss those middle of the night feedings! lol

Enola said...

The pump is in a backpack type bag. The machine could stay at work, but I'd still have to bring the "parts" home to wash. So it's just as easy to throw it all in the bag. And too, sometimes I pump at home.

As for the remote start, that sounds nice, but given that I have to make 2 trips out to carry all the stuff, it really doesn't matter. Besides it's not like it ever gets THAT cold here :)

Joy said...

Oh my stars. Just reading your day makes me tired!!! I so remember my working days now and don't miss them. Course I was much more productive with my time, if I'm honest. And I try to be.

What a day - thanks for sharing!

I miss nursing. :(