Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pass it Over - I get the Bad Mommy award

Hand over the Bad Mommy Award. I've earned it.
Last night my Husband were having an "intense discussion" - AKA an argument, but at a low volume because the kids were sleeping. Or so we thought. I really thought we were keeping it down. There was no yelling or bad words or name calling. Just a major debate. My daughter started making noises from her bedroom and then screamed and started crying. We both went in. She said she had a nightmare.
I brought her into bed with me and told her she could snuggle and fall asleep there while Daddy showered. Then he could move her back to her room after she was asleep. We talked for a few moments. I got her to open up and she had heard us arguing and got scared. I reassured her that grown-ups disagree sometimes, but we still love each other and her. We talked about how she and her best friend at school sometimes argue. Husband ended up not moving her - he tried to get into bed with us but Daughter is a toss-and-turn type of sleeper so he eventually went to the couch. I feel bad that she got scared. But I also want her to know that adults can disagree and still love each other.
Then this morning, Daughter had a dentist appt. She's already had 2 cavities filled. Since that time, we've started brushing her teeth for her 1x a day and supervising the rest of the time. We switched her to fluoride toothpaste. She has never taken anything to bed in a sippy cup except water. She only gets soda on rare occasions (and then caffeine free). She drinks milk, water and juice - the juice is V8 fruit/veggie juice because she doesn't eat many fruits & veggies. So what is the result? SIX CAVITIES! What the heck? SIX. So she's having 3 filled at one appt and 3 at another. They are on teeth she may not lose for another 5 years so they need to be filled. They did a fluoride treatment/sealant but we can't get the permanent sealants until her adult teeth come in. Part of the problem is heredity (thanks to me) as she has very weak enamel.
So pass over the bad mommy award. I'll be holding it awhile.


Anonymous said...

Check the snacks you daughter gets at school/day care. Those places are notorious for candy "rewards."

We just got our little boy a tooth brush with a song that plays the length of time he is supposed to brush.

Check your dentist's car. If it's old he may just be using another child's x-rays to make money off of you. :)

You are a intelligent lady. You know that talking to your little girl like that pays huge dividends.

Finally, I find it interesting that you think you should get the "Bad Mommy Award" but your hubby is not mentioned for his award. haha

lawyerchik said...

No "bad mommy award" for you, missy. That's just normal parenting stuff. Really. ;)

Kahless said...

I reckon with a post on teeth, Lynn will be over here soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

No bad mommy award at all. You guys were debating in appropriately low voices, and you discussed it with her and comforted her.

Besides -- it's loving to have disagreements, rather than hold grudges or live in denial.

Isn't there a rinse you can get that shows the kid where she needs to brush a little more?

But it sounds like you're doing good things to take care of her teeth. Bummer about the cavities despite such care!