Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take a Walk in my Shoes

Lynn and Kahless and I enjoy our shoes. When I was struggling with my weight, I discovered shoes. It allowed me to indulge my aesthetic side without worrying so much about fit. Even with weight fluctuations, my shoe size doesn't change. Except for pregnancy....that had both its pros and cons. The "pro" was that I inherited about 20 pairs of really good shoes from a friend whose feet grew during pregnancy and never went back to the regular size. The "con" is that my feet have grew during this pregnancy and I've had to pass on about 6 pairs of shoes. In any event, here is a tour through my closet.
I start my day with these shoes. I bought them when I was pregnant with Baby so I would have something to take to the hospital. I think they are so cute with their polka dots.

Ideally these shoes come next. That is, if I make it to the gym to work out.

If it is a weekend, then I will wear these shoes. From Lands End, they are super comfortable. It's almost like walking barefoot.

These are my work shoes. I have 3 pairs of brown casual shoes. One is pretty flat. The middle pair has a 3 inch block heel. The ones on the right are mules with an open back. Then there are my black work shoes. My sling-back black high heels. My proper high heels with a block heel. My plain black flats. My proper high heels with a regular heel. My "saucy" black heels with pointy toes and no back. Then to the rear are my casual black flats.

These boots are made for walking! First I have my brown pair. The are ankle boots with a thicker heel. Then my black ankle boots with a stiletto heel. Last are my calf boots with a high heel. I like to wear those with a long skirt.

These shoes are OLD. I've had them 10 years at least. The liner is falling apart and I don't think they'll last another season. I love to wear them in the summer without panty hose. They are super comfortable. I wore them throughout my pregnancy. And they really dress up a suit.

Those are all the shoes that reside in my closet. I have two shoe racks on the floor of my closet for the shoes I wear the most. These are just my winter shoes. All my summer shoes and flip flops are packed away for the winter. The rest of my shoes are under my bed in labelled boxes.
Look at that dust. Yuck. This pair fell out of a box. See the dust on them. Ick. I dusted them off and cleaned underneath my entire bed after taking this picture. This is the first house I've lived in with hardwoods and I'm appalled at how dusty things get.
These are the shoes that were in the boxes. These are my party shoes. If these shoes could talk, I'd be in big trouble. On the left are brown satin shoes with gold decorations. Those shoes went with a full length brown velvet dress with slits on both ends. That dress was worn to a lawyer ball. Then you have a pair of silver strappy high heels. To the right is a cream pair of heels. I wear them with a cream suit sometimes. Then at the rear are strappy white heels. They always come in handy.

So those are my shoes. I realized in writing this post that some of my shoes are woefully old and in poor shape. I need some new ones. My summer shoes took a beating this year. Being pregnant made me limit myself to a few pairs. Two of my shoes broke straps and had to be thrown out. That made me sad -- until I realized that it gave me the perfect excuse to go...SHOE SHOPPING. Yippee!!!
DISCLAIMER - if you are of the male species, I do not expect you to understand this post at all. When my husband and I married, he owned 3 pairs of shoes. (1) sneakers, (2) church shoes and (3) boots for hunting and work. He now owns 11 - work out sneakers, run-around-town sneakers, black dress shoes, black casual loafers, brown dress shoes, brown loafers, brown sandals, black river shoes and flip-flops. Plus two pairs of boots - one for hunting and one for work. I guess I've corrupted him!


lawyerchik said...

You are so brave! :) I love the polka dot flip flop shoes - they are so pretty!! :)

Joy said...

I love your shoe post!!!

I'm so boring. I don't think I should do let you "walk in mine" for fear of having nothing to show! ACK!

mssc54 said...

Have you ever traced your family tree?

Any posibility you are related to Emalda Marcos?

If I live to be 600 years old I will never underustand women and their shoes. lol

Colleen said...

I like shoes. I like your blog. I can relate to Enola, being and feeling alone.
I have a survivor blog and a Catholic one. I have left a gift for you on my Catholic blog. Check it out and nejoy!

Kahless said...

Dust under your bed Enola!!!

Great pics; thanks. I felt the same after posting my shoes - that is, need some new pairs!

Ethereal Highway said...

I especially like your group of work shoes. Lovely. I think those were my faves at Kahless's place, too.

word verif is: ilate

pip said...

Hi Enola! Congrats on your Lemonade Award :) Thank you for the education on shoes. My girlfriend seems to treat shoe shops like art galleries, perusing the exhibits with reverened awe!! I understand her a bit more after reading this :) I have two pairs of shoes and three pairs of runners! Not bad for a guy :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I love this post!

I have a closet full of old shoes that I refuse to part with but I'll bet they're at least 20 years old.

All I really need is my riding boots and sneakers and I'm happy. Unfortunately I have to have something for the couple of times a year I dress up but other than that I could care.......except I'm still not parting with any of those old shoes. LOL

Funny that you have corrupted your hubby.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, I forget to say about the dust on hardwood......if you didn't have hardwood all of that dust would be residing in the carpet. It was always there, you just didn't know it. LOL

Angel said...

I'm late to the comments here so my thoughts are already here. I agree with Joy--I am not a shoe person so I don't have many to show. I also second RR's statement that the dust would be in the carpet and unnoticed if you didn't have hardwoods. Have you ever pulled up a carpet? Nasty stuff, no matter how clean a house someone keeps. Hardwoods show you what's there and give you the chance to clean it up. Carpet just hides it and lets it accumulate and bother everyone's allergies.

Karla said...

Lands End provides really so comfortable walking shoes!! I got one from here!!